Trodden Safari Track Namibia


Floating on the Zambezi River, I & my family were enjoying the peace and stillness while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. He was quickly interrupted when my sister yelled at the top of his lungs, “Something has tried to bite me!” Quick response to my mother was very appropriate. “Well, you should not step into a river full of crocodiles and hippos in case?” This was our first experience too close for comfort to animals in Namibia. Our family of six people and good friends in a family of four in our clan included all age groups. We had booked in the program Mondjilla adventures. It was a safari guide that provides a robust 4×4, but not as a luxury travel trip included our beautiful Skeleton Coast and Etosha National Park.

Thanks in Etosha National Park we are lucky. A cluster of jeeps went to some rare animals on the site and it seems a matter of luck when you saw them. We thought he was lucky the car and the other was always unhappy. This is probably because as soon as we showed and identified an animal they ran for cover. After seeing countless Impalas our enthusiasm began to fade. Our website provides you with complete information about traveling to beautiful places. Do not forget to check that out!

At one point we made a pit stop during a foraging giraffe. The execution was a platform for half of a tree can feed the giraffes at eye level. Although everyone tried to feed them without touching clips long purple, my father took my little brother. A giraffe has decided that my father was not the sharing of food and so when the father turned his back, the giraffe has tried to head butt, but back in his place. While my little brother found this hilarious my father was a little less impressed.

Back to the car we were able to place some of the lesser spotted animals such as cheetahs and rhinos blacks. We had another close up call, however, the animals. We have seen a number of monkeys scampering towards us, but we were not targets. I ran away from a lioness. We all stick his head out the window trying to get both a good image and good eyesight. As the lioness has risen closer to the jeep of the boys fell off the truck on the track. His mother shouted: “Go back to the truck, NOW!” I’m not sure who was scared, a lion or a friend.

After a long day of safari, we decided to treat us to one of the many fantastic restaurants Namibia, who served a wonderful fusion cuisine African who gave us a taste of local flavor. If you are looking for a website that provides you with complete information regarding adventures traveling, hotels, and resorts. Check out this website for further details.

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