Stay In Jamaica With Full Pace


To spend two weeks touring Jamaican laid-back beach towns with their pristine beaches and wildlife, lush landscaping will allow you to recharge your batteries and return to a healthier life.

Montego Bay, Jamaica’s second largest city is the main entrance for tourists. Located on the north-west of the island, he is busy, dynamic and energetic. It offers the best buys on the island, including two shopping centers and markets, a vibrant nightlife, numerous attractions such as the experience of Bob Marley, and his own amusement. With reggae music pumping from every corner pubs, and a smile on everyone’s face, you immediately packed and welcomed into the arms of Jamaica colorful.

After a few days in Montego Bay, come along the coast to the town of Ocho Rios, another tourist. On the way, all it shows in scenic DiscoveryBay, a bustling fishing town surrounded by breathtaking beaches. PuertoSecoBeach, located here, is one of the best beaches in Jamaica.

Ocho Rios is well-known for its fertile landscapes. A visit to Dunn’s River Falls – a group of spectacular waterfalls, you can climb and swim underneath – is a must, as a journey through Fern Gully, a ravine lush rainforest extends 4 miles from the coast the beach of Jamaica Central Mountain.

Continue along the coast to the east coast of Jamaica, and you come across a charming gem in Port Antonio. This sleepy town offers the visitor an unparalleled natural beauty, tranquil beaches, stunning waterfalls and lagoons, hidden coves and the magical Rio Grande River, all supported by the beautiful Blue Mountain range. Port Antonio is guaranteed to satisfy those after a taste of authentic Jamaica, away from the hustle and bustle. Other attractions in the bay of Boston are in the best Jamaican jerk and is a paradise for surfers.

South from end to end the scenic BlueMountain area is home to the houses of the famous Jamaican coffee for a quick stop at the island’s capital, Kingston. A busy, hectic, it has many tourist attractions. Here you will find the BobMarleyMuseum, favorite tourist paths in Jamaica, and the NationalArtGallery and Port-Royal, the old town. A visit to Kingston is a good experience, but after a day in the city that you will look forward to returning to the rhythm of relaxing beaches. After all, Jamaica holidays take it easy and enjoy the sun and the sea

Whatever you choose to do or see, one thing is certain: the time you are ready to board the flight home, your walk is a walk now, you will be humming “Do not worry, be happy” on repeat and sleep for when you return to the magical Caribbean jewel of Jamaica.Repudiation: The information in this editorial is the opinion of the author and is for informational purposes only and interest only. It should not be used to make decisions or take any deed. All links are included for more information.

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