5 Great Apps For Science


Science is one of the most interesting subjects because it contains such a vast array of topics. From animals to stars to the weather, science is always around us. Some people have such a love for science that they made it an educational endeavor that may even translate into a science-related job. Some people simply enjoy science as a hobby. To learn more about the scientific applications that transform your phone into a lab, visit this website: https://divyashakthysofttech.com/ 

So whether you’re into science because you are making a career out of it or because you have a basic interest in the subject, the following apps will easily benefit you.

1. Science Glossary

You’re not going to get very far in science if you don’t know what anything means. The ScienceGlossary app is just what the name says—a glossary of science-related terms. The app is an offshoot of www.visionlearning.com, and along with basic definitions, you will also receive short biographies.

The app is intended to be used by those in high school or older, but middle school students with a deep love for science can also benefit from the app.

2. Cool Science Facts

CoolScienceFacts will provide you with informative and entertaining facts that have to do with science. The app uses a swipe motion so that you can easily access all the fun facts you want. You also have access to a Favorites tab, which allows you to store all of your favorite facts in one convenient location.

This app is just one of five in the Science Facts family, so make sure to download them all so that you receive all the best facts possible. Feel like sharing them with others? The app also connects to Twitter, Facebook, email and text messages, making it super easy to share with friends and family.

3. Gems and Minerals

Minerals and gems are a very interesting part of science. With GemsandMinerals, you can easily learn more information about specific minerals and gems, such as their habit, tone, general location and shape.

Along with basic information, you can also see images of specific gems and minerals. Each image connects to a third-party website, which you can access to gain more information on the item you’re looking for.

4. Science 360

The Science 360 app was created by TheNationalScienceFoundation (NSF) and contains pictures and videos of interesting science topics that hail from around the world. Through the app, you will also have access to a news feed that will constantly provide you with breaking news related to NSF institutions. New content is available on the app every week, making revisiting the app on a regular basis a necessity.

If you find something interesting, you can easily share it with Twitter, Facebook and email. To find image and videos, you can use the 360 view, or you can use the search field to find the exact content. You can also save your favorite images so that you can find them easily the next time you’re on the app/

5. iLab Timer

If you are working in the lab and need to time a project, iLabTimer is an app you need. This app allows you to set up to 10 timers, which can all be set depending on your needs and can all run simultaneously with each other.

In the app, you have the option to count up or count down and even repeat or cancel a timer. Each timer can be set up with a different alert and given a customized title, and each timer will count by tenths of the second so that you’re given the best information.

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