Are These 7 Headache Triggers Causing You Misery?


Before you despair about your headaches, you may want to consider what is actually causing your headaches.

Sure, stress and colds are the most common triggers, but there are also some things you may not be aware of. Once you have worked out the root cause you can look at cutting that out of your life and if that doesn’t work look at for stress headaches.

Find out more with the 7 headache triggers below…


Getting angry on a regular basis is one of the most common triggers for a headache. The reason for this is because the muscles in the head, neck and back often tense up, creating a wall of tension that leads to a headache.


Something else that leads to tension in your upper body is poor posture. For this reason, if you sit in a chair for long periods during the day, then it’s a good idea to keep your back straight and make sure your lower back has plenty of support. To discover which bodily systems are impacted by bad posture, visit this website:


Unfortunately, many products that we buy on a regular basis are full of harsh chemicals that could be a trigger for headaches.

As an example, household cleaning products, air fresheners, and perfumes, are some of the main offenders. For this reason, it might be a good idea to look for products that contain mostly natural ingredients so you are not subjecting yourself to nasty chemicals. You can also check out this website to get detailed information about headache treatment.


A common cause of sinus headaches is a change in the weather. This is due to the change of pressure in the atmosphere, which then leads to a headache. Some other triggers of headaches are hot weather, high humidity, and also cold temperatures.


Many people grind their teeth without even realizing it, and they can even do it in their sleep. This leads to tension building up in the jaw, which ultimately results in frequent headaches. A good solution to stop grinding your teeth is to visit your dentist and inquire about a mouth guard.


Bright lights outside and flickering light from the computer monitor are another trigger for headaches, particularly migraines.

With this in mind, you should be careful about subjecting your eyes to prolonged periods of uncomfortable light. Wear sunglasses when outside on a sunny day, and take regular breaks when at the computer for a long time.

Ice cream

Unfortunately, ice cream can also be a trigger for headaches. Does this mean you have to give up ice cream for good? Probably not, as the pain caused by eating something cold only usually lasts for a few minutes. If you can cope with that, then keep on enjoying your ice cream!

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