3 Top Tips for Online Fashion Shopping.


Online fashion shopping is one of the best features of World Wide Web for the fashion lovers. We don’t need to rush from one shop to another in different shopping malls but we just have to sit in front of our computers make a few clicks and we get done with our fabulous purchases- no matter where we are and no matter what time it is. Shopping goes on with our convenience, our budget and yes, no regional boundaries. If you’re in California you still can get your hands on Asian street fashion. Doesn’t it sound tempting?

But hold a moment, this is done so quickly only if you know the “the art of online shopping”. Shopping online is really an art so here are the 3 most important tips which I learned by going through troughs of online shopping.

1. Don’t be hasty -Search, search and search.

If you find one coolest and sassiest chiffon dress and not buying it seems like one big mistake, you still got to hold on. Hey, I’m not stopping you from buying it, all I’m suggesting is to “search more”. And you’ll be amazed that you can find the same dress at some other store with a better price.

How I learned this: I learned this after buying the same dress in $32 which was available at another online store in $10.  But I say I bought one useful experience in $22.

2. What’s your size? Be accurate about it.

Never, ever think of it lightly. The right way to shop cloths online is do it only when you have the complete size’s info because there’s no use of buying something which you won’t wear. So if you are handy with measurements, take accurate measurement of your waist, shoulders, chest, hips, feet and arms.   Another better option is to consult a professional tailor. Keep this data nearby so whenever you choose a dress or a pair of shoes, you can confirm that either it’s available in your size or not.

How I learned this: Choosing wrong size is going to waste a lot of time and till you get the right size you’ll be over with that dress. I bet! I had fallen in love with a black bat sleeves’ top and I had ordered it in first look and my all enthusiasm drained away when I didn’t get the right size and until I requested for the correct size – all tops were sold. My bad!

3. Find an online fashion store which can fulfill all your fashion needs.

This is the ultimatum! But once you find the right online store you step in the paradise of online shopping. This might take time but you just need to keeping on looking for it.

Recently, I found my ‘right’ fashion store. Best in quality, vast variety, good prices and credible shopping – what else I do I need? The best part about my right store is ‘every dress is showcased with 4-5 images, displaying the complete dress not just the front’. It is http://www.coco-fashion.com/ –you may also check it out.

How I learned it: the beeps of my credit card at shipping charges made me think that why shouldn’t I look for some online store that could fulfill my major fashion needs i.e. dresses, shoes and bags and shop at a time for all my fashion needs.  Time and credit both are saved. Double treat, right?

One last thing I would add

Be updated- Sign up for mailing lists.

If you are shopaholic and sale makes your heart beat faster – this tip is for you. Get yourself an extra email account where you can subscribe for the newsletters of the online fashion store. This way you won’t miss any sale’s news and nor your regular email account will be hovered with the newsletters.

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