Pistachio tree Growing Zone, Climate, Types full details

Pistachio tree

The pistachio tree is very deciduous. Pistachios are the member of cashew and nuts family. They are as healthy as the other nuts. They are mostly grown in the middle east and central Asia. The scientific name of pistachio is Pistaciavera.

The pistachios are very low in calories. That’s why they are mostly used by the persons who are on diet. Because these nuts fulfil their other body requirements. And do not gain weight. But one thing should be remembered always that excessive use of everything is very dangerous. They are used by the people for hundreds of years. Their taste is somehow crispy salty and lightly sweet.

Pistachio tree

Nutrition and Zones

They have a rich amount of fibre, vitamin, antioxidants and other minerals. There is about 11 kind of pistachios grown in the world. So, it will be quite difficult to say where exactly they are grown and produced. But as mentioned above, they are grown most probably in Central Asia. The export of pistachios is done in the countries include Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Italy. These countries have an arid climate that is very appropriate for the growth of the pistachio trees.

Is Pistachio a tree nut?

In the perspective of botany, pistachios are not nuts. They are the seed of the pistachio fruit. Each pistachio tree produces about 50 lbs of pistachio nuts every year. All the nuts that are grown under are known as legumes and the nuts that are grown on the tree are called nuts. So pistachio is a tree nut.

What does a pistachio tree look like?

Pistachio tree

They are tall trees. But slow-growing trees. They have a large top and the pistachio tree growing zone is about 6 to 10 meters. These trees have large taproots. They have thick bushes and when they are grown completely, they are usually in an umbrella shape. The mature height of the pistachio tree is 30 to 40 feet. And the mature width of the tree is 20 feet. The color of the branches of this tree is grey but as the year’s pass, it becomes dark grey to black.

Types of pistachios.

There are around 11 to 12 species of pistachio. Every kind has its own specialities and qualities. Some of them are discussed below.

  • This nut is big in size and its quality is good. It is selected by the people of Iran.
  • It is a male pistachio species that is pollinated with the Kerman. When the spring season arrives, then they interact with each other. This kind is selected by the people of California.
  •  This kind of pistachio is cultivated in turkey. And its size is not so long and not so short. Its colour is green.
  • The size of these nuts is average, and they are of reddish and pinkish colour. They are also grown in turkey like Uzun.
  • These are of white colour and they are grown in turkey.
  • These are grown in Syria. They are red in colour and good in quality and taste.
  • This kind of pistachio fruit is white in colour and is very thick. These are also cultivated in Syria.
  • Sefideh-months Their shape is round. And they are yellow in colour. And they are liked by the people of Iran.
  • This is of very good quality and the colour of this nut is creamy whitish. And they are very thick.
  • The fruit size of this kind of pistachio nuts is comparatively longer than others. But the size of nuts is average. The taste and quality are also very good. Its colour is green and yellowish. It is cultivated in Spain. But they are also liked by the people of Tunis. It is ripped at the end of August.
  • These are a little bit smaller than mateur. They are mostly grown in Spain and Greece.
  • They are medium-sized pistachios. It is imported from Greece and it is also liked in Spain.


Weather conditions for the growth of the pistachio tree.

The critical weather condition is required for the growth of pistachio trees. The people who live in deserts can easily grow their own tress. That is about 37 to 39 degree Celsius and 100-degree Fahrenheit in the daytime. But when it comes to their dormant period, they also need cold weather for their complete growth.

Pistachio trees are very tall so when the top of the tree hits the temperature below –9-degree Celsius, the growth of the tree dopes not done in a proper way.  it needs full sunlight to grow properly. so, you should be very conscious about the weather condition for the growth of pistachio trees. The pistachio fruit grows in bunches. Just like grapes.

Soil conditions

The soil that is selected for the planting of pistachio tree should be sandy loam in nature. They can accept the dough condition easily, but they can tolerate the areas which have a high level of humidity. The high level of salinity in the soil is acceptable by these trees. The proper amount of calcium carbonate must be present in the soil.


One thing should be kept in mind that the pesticides should not be applied in the starting almost up to one year. Because pesticides include chemical, that will stop the ultimate growth of the tree. After some following years, the orinasal nitrogen by keeping accurate spacing. The 50 lbs nitrogen should be applied per 150 acres.

Caring of pistachio tree.

The life of pistachio tree is comparatively long from other nut trees. So, they also need care accordingly. The approximate life of nan pistachio tree nut is about 300 years. And in start it takes about 6 to 9 years to produce the nuts. You can harvest the pistachio tree in the late fall.

How to grow pistachio tree?

For the growth of pistachio trees, the seedlings are grown usually in the containers. This process is followed when there is vacant space outside on the land. The growth of these trees is done in a different way. That is starting in the first five years the seeds are grown separately in the containers, and after that, these plants are planted in the garden to become a mature pistachio tree.

Step 1

When you plant a tree in a garden, it should be kept in mind that the trees are planted apart from each other, at least 6 meters apart. They follow the rule of cross-pollination, that’s why for their growth male and female both pistachio seeds are required. Wind dispersal is the way by which they pollinate. And the wind dispersal requires strong winds, which come in the mid of April and then this process takes place. So just plant the trees and let the wind do all other processing.

Step 2

The other notable thing is that when you plant male pistachio flowers it will only produce male pistachio tree and female pistachio flowers will only produce female pistachio tree. The fruit can be harvest only from a female tree. So, for that purpose, you must arrange a very large area and place one male pistachio tree in the centre and about 8 to 9 female trees around him. Because the male pistachio tree is comparatively large and bushy. That’s why it is very easy to detect. In this order, we can get a complete pistachio fruit set.

Pruning of pistachio trees

pistachio pruning

These trees fall in the category of fruits, that’s why their pruning is a must. This pruning is done to control the growth of the tress in disorder shape. The pruning of pistachio tree nut is also done so that they produce high quality of fruit. And in this way, the growth can also be controlled very easily. Always select those branches that are placed on the equal distance


Take the measurement from the soil, about 60 to 80 cm and remove all the other damaged branches. Remove the branches that are on the 5-to-7-inch distance from the trunk and that are scaffold. This pruning can be done twice opt thrice a year.

As it is mentioned above that trees should be planted many feet apart from each other. Of it is not done and the trees are planted close to each other, so you will see that when the trees become mature, they will create a great mess. That cannot be handled easily. All the trees become overshadowed and the pruning process will become quite difficult.

Harvesting of pistachio tree

Pistachio nuts on trees develop in the summer (early summer). They are ripped in the time period of August to October. When the colour of the leaves turns yellow it is the right time to harvest them.

The harvesting of pistachio nut tree is done in the late fall. It is done by usually shaking the tree. Or there is a machine by which you can take all the pistachio nuts down to the earth. And after that keep them in sunlight for a few days and then the taste of the nuts will be very delicious.

The nuts should be removed from the trees within one day after they get mature. This is important to be done to maintain their taste and colour.

Preservation of pistachio nuts

It is obvious that you cannot eat all the nuts altogether. So, you can preserve them for months. Just put them in a sealed jar and you can keep them in a dry place for months very easily. If the weather is too hot, then you can also put them in a freezer or fridge. This will keep them cool and safe.

Some people like the roasted nuts. To roast the pistachio nuts is super easy. You don’t have to remove the hull from it. You can roast the nuts with the hull in a pan with tablespoon olive or almond oil and a pinch of salt. When the shell of nuts became brown from one side juts remove them. Let them cool and then preserve them in an airtight jar or airtight bag.

Pistachio trees for sale


The pistachio trees that are available for sale are often in the form of grafted trees. If you want to grow the trees in your home. Then bare-rooted grafted trees would be recommended. And these trees should be planted in the spring season.

E-bay is the official and trustworthy website from where pistachio trees are available for sale. The quality is good, and the prices are so reasonable. When you plant a tree in your own garden. And when it will give you nuts that would be quiet enough to distribute in your friends and family.

McGinn’s pistachio tree ranch

McGinn’s pistachio tree ranch is the largest pistachio land. The founder of this place is Thomas McGinn. There are about 12000 pistachio trees. And many people visit there for amusement. All kind of species is present there. Male and female trees are labelled there. To pay the tribute to the founder of that place the people made a large pistachio statue in the centre, which is very big. Its height is about 30 feet. It is also known as the world’s largest pistachio.

Their background is that this is the McGinn’s family that has started growing pistachios in the 1980s. The area in which they started growing is almost 90 acres. Only pistachios are not grown there but the grapes also. Now they have their own site on which they make their products. They serve two countries with their pistachio products include candies, pistachio nuts, wines etc. They produce many other things.

People go for visiting that place and to obviously see that large pistachio. The visitors can taste the pistachios and wines. The timing of this McGinn’s pistachio tree ranch is from 9 am to 6 pm.


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