Almond Tree Complete detail Origin ,Production

What is almond?

Almond is a species of tree that is cultivated mostly in Iran and its surroundings. The scientific name of almond is PRUNUS DOLCIS. Like all other fruits and nuts, almonds also provide a bundle of nutrition and proteins. They are a very rich source of vitamin E, and magnesium. It is very beneficial for the people who are on diet. If you take a handful of almonds a day. You will feel that you are full and you have no more craving for the food. Which will definitely tend towards weight loss. But as they are full of proteins and carbohydrates, they should be taken in an appropriate amount. Excessive use of anything can be harmful

Scientific name:           Prunesdulcis

Order:                           Rosales

Family:                        Rosaceae

Kingdom:                     Plantae

Almond tree 


Almond plant usually grows on a deciduous tree. Which is almost 12 to 34 feet high. They can expand their branches in almost a diameter of 12 meters. In the spring season, the color of the petals is pinkish and white. Each flower has five petals. They blossom in this season, that their colour and the fragrance is so sweet and soft. there are many types of almonds with respect to their flavors. The flavor of almond includes, chocolaty, sweet, bitter, salty, garlic, and roasted. When the summer arrives, the flower contains serrated leaves which are almost 5 inches long. This flowering almond tree season lasts up to 6 to 7 months. Ater that this fruit becomes mature.

Origin of Almond tree 

It is thought that the Origin of almond is China and Central Asia, but the particular ancestry is not known yet. Traveler’s use to eat almonds when they travel along the silk road that connects the Mediterranean and Asia. Flourished almond trees lie specifically in Italy and Spain 16 February is the national almond day……

Almond fruit

The seed is a  almond edible part and its outer shell layers are not eatable. The outer part of the seed i.e shell is used as feed for livestock nutrients dense almond contain monounsaturated fat. It is a calorie-dense food but also nutrient-dense with the majority of its fat being monounsaturated. One ounce provides about 165 calories, 6 grams protein, 14 grams fat (80% monounsaturated, 15% polyunsaturated, and 5% saturated), 6 grams carbohydrate, and 3 grams fiber.

Almond tree height  and width

Fast-growing are the Almond trees and almost on average 15 feet tall tree and wide at maturity,   making it suitable for smaller areas. single or multiple almond tree trunks give to an open spreading canopy. Space that almond trees take is 15′ to 20′ apart. the root system deep enough to accommodate strength .almond before planting Wet the roots. Many nut trees such as that of giant skinny carrots have only one main root. Every year almond trees grow healthy up to 8 to 15 inches. Almond trees that do not grow up to 8inches utilization of nitrogen are ½ pound

  Bitter and sweet almonds

almond tree

The seeds of almond trees in the start are sweet in taste. But later on, when the tree grows, some of
them are bitter in taste. The almond type named Amara falls in the category of a bitter almond tree.
Have you ever thought that how do almonds grow? That you eat a handful in a minute.

In the first stage, the almond fruit (drupe) grows. It grows somewhere between 1 inch to 3 inches.
The shape of the fruit is like a football and the texture of the fruit is velvety. This drupe fruit
comprises of three parts.
1. First part is the hull. Its color is dusty green.
2. After the seed matures, then the seed split and it becomes brown in color.
3. When this seed ripe, then the almond comes out of it. The almond’s shell resembles the
peach pit

The propagation of the almond can be done in 3 ways. One is by root graft, the second is from the nut,
the third one is pruning. After all these processes, the time of harvesting the crop arrives.

Conditions for almond tree growth.

Almonds grow in California. About 80% production of almonds is done there. There are only places
in the world in which almonds can grow in a suitable environment. California is among one of them.
The main reason is that California has a Mediterranean climate. Which is very important for
the growth of almonds. In California winters are wet and summers are hot. You can see that almonds are easily available in the common grocery shops in California. Almond tree growth requires the right type of soil conditions, weather conditions, water conditions and obviously the sunlight conditions.
Let’s have a look at some information about the soil conditions required for the growth of an almond tree.

Soil condition

The soil should be in the form of clean clay or fine sand. And the sand should also be well-drained.
You have to dig the soil up to five feet. The purpose of this digging is that the almond tree gets the right
amount of water. And it also helps in the drainage of the water properly. The PH level of the soil
must be 6 and 7 PH level.
Now have a look at the sunlight condition.

Sunlight condition.

Almond trees require direct and full sunlight. That requires at least 6 to 7 hours of full sunlight. That
helps in the process of photosynthesis of the tress properly. Actually, it helps the trees to give a
better blossom in the abundance of sunlight.
Let’s discuss the water condition.
Almond trees require a proper and estimated amount of water every year. With every passing year,
the tree requires the proper amount of water. In the first stage, the trees require to be flooded with
the water properly. Because in the first year this is the starting stage of the growth of the tree. After that
step, you have to look properly, the conditions of drought and rain. And water the trees

Weather conditions

The weather should be warm in the summers. And the wet cold winters. Also, if you want to measure
the temperature in Fahrenheit. It must be up to 60 to 90 degrees.

Almond tree production.

In this article, you’ll learn about all that information that is necessary about the production,
growth, and caring of an almond tree.

How to plant an almond tree.

The fact about the almond trees is that they do not follow the process of self-pollination. They follow
the process of cross-pollination. That’s why almond trees require limited space for the cross-pollination process. It is almost about 20 to 25 feet apart. But if there is any issue of vacant space, then both the trees can be planted in one hole. In the next step, you have to check and balanced the acidity level of the soil.

The almond tree can be planted if the PH level of the soil is 6 or 7. also it should be checked properly that the soil is well-drained or not. If it not well-drained then you can add some sandy soil that you can purchase from any nursery. Now dig the hole and plant the tree as same as it was planted in the nursery. After that when you see that the hole is filled with the plant, now fill it with the water. Carefully look at the weather condition. If the tree is plated in the summer season, then add some sort of fertilizers that help the tree to blossom

How to take care of almond tree

It is a very crucial stage that you have to look after the tree very carefully and properly. There are
different measures that should be taken in different weathers. Like in the spring season the almond tree
should be watered with treated water. Spray proper pesticides spray, that will prevent your tree
from different animals and insects. After some time, like in June or July, you have to add some amount of mulch in the sand that protects the soil from erosion. After that when you see that the winters are coming, remove or cut the damaged branches. So that they do not affect the other branches. Pruning is also a very important step in the growth of tree growth. Because if the pruning is not done in the proper way. The tree will lose its shape and will start growing down towards the earth.

How to harvest the almond tree.

It would be astonishing for any reader to read that; an almond tree takes almost 5 to 6 years to
harvest properly. You can harvest the crop somewhere between August to September. You
can easily see that the musty green husks split and open itself. Then the almond falls down. Usually, the farmers use a machine that is specially designed to grab the almonds from the trunk. Or the other way is that you can shake the tree and all the almonds will come to your feet. Other than California, Indian almonds are very famous that they are very easy to ripe. And also the propagation of almond trees in India is relatively very easy and quick. After California, the almonds
of India are very famous throughout the world.

Almond tree in key west.

In the key west, there is a beautiful place named as “almond tree inn”. the specialty of that place is
that there are almond trees which increase the beauty of the place. it is basically situated in the
heart of Florida. There are restaurants, hotels, and a swimming pools area. It is very famous for is
hygiene and its cleanliness. The quality of service they provide is very different from the services
that are provided by other hotels. That hotel is a center of attraction for the people of Florida and
California. This is a five-star luxury hotel which attracts the tourists towards it.

How  the almond fruit look like?

Almond tree bears drupe that looks like a grey-green velvety fruit of the almond tree that hangs off. This fruit of almond growth in length takes place between 1.5 to 2.5 inches and elongated football is its shape. … When the almond gets ripe, the almond shell of fruit falls down onto the ground. the almond shell of the bear resembles a peach, as they show close resemblance.almond tree

Flowers of Almond tree

In the early spring season, the almond tree fills out with foliage white to pinkish fragrant flowers form along the shorter lateral branches. Each flower has at least five petals. Along with almond flowers are monoecious, that  means each  flower of almond i.e.  one has a male part  and other flower has female parts, Thus it is  being noticed that types of almond trees  should be different so that it aid in pollination then the fruit is produced

Almond products are available in multiple forms.

1; Milk

2; Butter

3; Flour or Meal

 Almond Milk

almond milk

Milk is of quite a value as this plant extracted milk is obtained from almond is healthy for the heart patients as in milk cholesterol level is low and also the  free of lactose .almond milk is obtained by  grinding it in water  then straining off the pulp of almond while the  remaining  liquid matter contains the VITAMIN A and D, along with calcium .sweeteners added or may  not be added depending upon the almond milk purchased by customers

Almond Butter

almond butter

Butter is much more expensive than other ones almost $15 and this butter is used in place of peanut butter. DIY almond is a type of butter which is obtained from the processing of dry roasted almonds that almost 1 pound at a low speed is ground and progressively increased the speed of processing unit. It would take few time than a smooth paste of oil we obtained .in order to make flavors of almond butter an add different flavors such as vanilla extract, cinnamon, or curry. Then prepared butter of almond is to firstly stored for almost 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator

Almond Flour or Meal

Almond flour used alternative to wheat flour is highly rich in nutrient fat and calories present in abundant amount while almond flour comprises low carbohydrates as well free of gluten. This almond flour used in most of the bakery items and as a replacement for other varieties of flour in making recipes.  Almond flour is prepared has extra moisture that’s y makes more susceptible to spoil or mold therefore airtight container used to store the almond flour and also sealed. Also, it is notified That to increase the shelf life of almond flour it should e freeze for almost 9 months.

almond oil

Interesting things to know about almond.

  • Global almond is being produced by 80% in California.
  • California is one of the vital largest suppliers as well as a cultivator of almond in the world.
  • It does not self pollinate almond growth of drupe fully depends on the wild and honey bees
  • Almond products as described above the greatest demand for consumers is of almond milk and  butter .the sale rate of these almond products increase up to 250% in 5 years 2011-2015
  • Almond trees grown in the same manner as peach or nectarine good quality nuts, almonds are produced almonds provide a delightful, nutritive, and exceptionally adaptable accumulation to homestead or garden and other firm food trees such as peaches, cherries, plums, and apricots plays a vital role.

Uses of almond oil

almond oil

The present era of people is well aware of the almond and as well as coconut. And nowadays mainly most people use natural products to enhance the beauty  .almond oil used in the bakery as well as in skincare products i,e cosmetic companies. Almond as well coconut oil is used for hairs health this almond oil makes the roots of the hair strong

Some of the almond oil uses are listed

  1. For the treatment of the damage and full of dandruff hairs, almond oil is excellent.
  2. Also for the scalp infections treatment as well for infections and inflammation checking did with almond oil.
  3. Almond oil is rich in vitamin a and vitamin a plays a vital role in hair as well as skin health/ care.
  4. .various skin infections such as eczema are treated via almond oil.
  5. To nourish skin and make skin lighten color the almond oil facilitates.
  6. . in winters the skin wrinkles, dry feet, and also dry hands and the lips that chapped almond oil application is a good remedy.
  7. Almond oil of sweet almond seeds is also used in the cooking.
  8. Along with all the above-mentioned benefits, the body muscle massage is done with almond oil for relaxation.
  9. Almond tree product almond oil is rich in vitamin A, E and this almond oil product applied on dry skin almost 2-3 drops. Almond oil stimulates muscles. Whenever this almond oil is applied more than 3 times it would produce acne .this all information based on the research of dermatologist and beauty expert

Basic Growing and Planting Requirements

In areas where the mostly cold climate is not suitable for the almond tree growth. As in the cold season, USA location is best for the best growth of the almond trees

1       Selecting a Location

2.      Sun and Soil

3.      Water

4.      Planting Tips

5.      Handling the Roots

6.      Planting in the Hole

7.      Pruning Requirements

8.      Fertilizing Requirements

Harvesting the Nuts

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