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Corn nuts Cancha Delicious homemade, How to Roast or Bake

What are corn nuts?

Corn nuts are a delicious snack. It is also known as toasted corn, and quicos. This snack is popular in us especially in South America, Peru, and Ecuador. It is called also called cancha in English. They can be baked or even fried. There are different recipes for different areas. You can make it according to your own taste. After baking, roasting, toasting, or either frying, you can add Corn nuts flavour into it. But mostly it is made up of the saltish flavour. It’s very crunchy that you can’t stop yourself to have it more. It is mostly liked in winter. It is mostly liked to have with a cold beer or a hot cup of coffee.

corn nuts
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Which type of corn is perfect to cook?

Peruvian flake is the most popular type of Inca corn. It is also known as Cuzco and chocolo. The size of Inca corn is giant as compared to others. And the benefit of using this corn is that the large size oof corn gives crunchier flavor. These Corn nuts are not only used for eating raw. It is also used in soups, salads, and other dishes. As it adds the ultimate crunch and taste into your foods.

To make homemade Corn nuts are very easy. Many people ask for the recipe; how to make corn nuts, or how are corn nuts made? So here is the corn nuts recipe shared with full information. The recipes to cook them in different ways are available.

Homemade Fried Corn Nuts

  • Soak the dried corn kernels in water for 3 hours minimum.
  • For best results, you can soak kernel corn overnight.
  • After that drain them and put the drained corn kernels in a separate bowl. And remove the excess water with the help of tissue or cotton cloth.
  • In the next step; take a pan, put some oil to deep fry them.
  • Put the corn nuts in the oil. The size of the nuts will shrink. And let them cook until they turn crispy golden, just like a crispy boy.
  • Now put all the fried corns in the bowl. Add some salt or the optional seasoning (corn nuts flavours) into it. They are also called ranched Corn nuts

Homemade baked corn nuts.

How to bake corn. If you don’t want much oil, or you are on diet. Then you can also bake them. Baked Corn nuts will have less amount of calories as compared to fried ones. It’s quite obvious that the taste of both of the recopies will differ from each other. Baked Corn nuts have an extraordinary crunchy flavour. So, follow the following steps for baking kernels.

  •  For baking, you don’t have to soak the corn in the water. The nuts should not be wet.
  • Dry the nuts completely.
  • Take a tray and place it under the baking sheet in the oven.
    This tray is for those kernels that pop up during the baking. So that they don’t get under the sheet in the oven.
  • Place the kernels in the tray and sprinkle the seasoning on them.
  • Then place the tray in the oven and let them cook.
  • Bake them for 7-10 minutes and then put them in the bowl very carefully Enjoy!
corn nuts
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Homemade roasted Corn nuts.

If you don’t know how to bake the kernels. No problem, you can also roast corn in the oven or a simple pan. If you roast the nuts, it’s like the nuts that you buy from any store. The advantage of roasting Corn nuts in home is, that you can roast them in large amounts. The roasted corns are also called parched corn.
The things you will need are Corn nut, coconut oil, salt, or sugar. Whatever you like. Follow the following steps to roast the corn in oven.

  • Soak the original corn in the water overnight.
  • Drain them and put them on a wide plate.
  • Sprinkle salt or sugar whatever you want to add.
  • Now add 2 tablespoon coconut oil to it.
  • Put it in the oven and keep an eye on them.
  • When they turn brown, they are ready to eat. Bring them out, convert them in the bowl, and enjoy them.

Preserve them for future

Once you have cooked the Corn nuts, you can preserve them for the future. These nuts do not get rotten. Just put them in an airtight jar for the next 15 days and enjoy them anytime. They do not lose the taste and crunch they had. It can save you time and can be served to unexpected guests.

How to make puff corn from scratch

Another incredible way to make corn is puff corn from scratch. It’s so easy to make at home.  Let’s have a look at the recipe.

  • Place two baking sheet in the oven.
  • Take a bowl, and add cornmeal and salt into it.
  • Set them aside for some time.
  • Take the egg whites in the bowl and beat them until they create the heavy foam.
  • Add this beaten egg white into the cornmeal.
  • Now drop it on the baking sheet with the help of a spoon.
  • Cook them for 30 minutes.
  • Keep an eye on them and rotate them on and off.
  • After that serve them immediately. Now enjoy

Are Corn nuts healthy for you?

These nuts are really healthy for one’s diet. They contain a large portion of carbohydrates. They contain very less amount of calories in it. So, if you are craving some saltish thing then you should go for homemade Corn nuts. Instead, if going for any sort of unhealthy and oily chips or snack. You can take it as an evening snack, in-office time, or anytime. But if you take a large amount of these nuts then it would be a source of a large number of fats. As every 100 grams of nuts contain 436 calories

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