Fruits Benefits

Healthy Fruits and Vegetables-Names, Benefits, and Nutrition

Fruits and Vegetables: Make Healthy Bodies

Winter is now well and truly established! Bundled up, you want to eat roulettes and other fondues with potatoes more than to eat fruit. In short, Healthy Fruits  like comforting dishes, of course, which hold well in the stomach but are far from dietetic?


 However, even if the fruit supply seems limited to you in winter, it is not. Now is the time to put fruit rich in vitamins on the menu and let you be surprised by their taste. Long live December on your plate!   

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1- Clementine Fruit-Full of Vitamins

In winter, to fight against bad weather, brave the cold and start the day in great shape, nothing like Healthy fruits consuming citrus fruits and vitamin fruits! It’s time to eat Clementine Fruit for dessert Full of sugar, luscious, savored during the day, and can serve as a snack for your little cravings.

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They are available in many recipes if you want to vary the desserts: in fruit salad, in hot Clementine fruit gratin with lemon zest and a drop of bergamot essential oil.

2- Passion Fruit, an invitation to exoticism

Want to escape and exoticism, to leave the winter gray for the beaches of Reunion? Indulge your taste buds by eating passion fruit by knowing passion fruit how to eat? Low in calories with their 35 kcal, they have excellent health benefits: rich in antioxidants, vitamins C and trace elements, they help fight against fatigue that overwhelms you in winter, and protect against cardio diseases. Vascular.

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Also, they are excellent for your transit, thanks to their fiber content. Do not hesitate to consume them without moderation. The ingredients effective in ED treatment contained have the effect of extending the duration of erection, and thus are effective in improving common problems.  The passion fruit benefit is that you can give free rein to your creativity and prepare them in a sweet version in sorbets, gratins, crumbles, white cheeses, or savory as an accompaniment to fish. Long live the islands in January.

3- Lychees Fruit benefit anti-fatigue

Are you tired of apples for dessert?

You can opt for a more exotic destination with lychee! With its 75 mg of vitamin C per 100 g, the benefits of lychees fruit are the anti-fatigue fruit par excellence. A real analgesic that fights headaches and stomach aches.

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And its qualities are not limited to that contain ingredients effective not only for premature ejaculation treatment but also for ED treatment. Its vitamin B3 content improves the elasticity of your skin and fights against bad cholesterol. In short, it stimulates your entire immune system.

Tasty, it is a refined dish with its translucent flesh and its sweet taste. Also, playful, it must be earned, because you will sometimes have to be patient to remove its pink matrix!

4- Kiwi, Full of Vitamin C

With its K and W, the kiwi certainly earns scrabble points, but it is one of December’s star fruits.  Rich in fiber, vitamins C, antioxidants, do not hesitate to put it on your breakfast menu to start the day well and boost your body.

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Either in the form of juice or yogurts, in pancakes, and even in pies for the greediest. The kiwi holds the palm in terms of vitamin C, much more than the orange. Finally, for athletes, take kiwis as a snack, because its potassium promotes muscle regeneration after exercise. 

5- Grapefruit, an excellent tonic

Here is a Healthy fruits that comes in many recipes: as a dessert or as a starter, with a little sugar, fruit juice in the morning, or a sweet and savory version with fish, grapefruit is all good!

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Its pink and luscious flesh is a great ally to stay in shape all winter. Draining, diuretic, toning, grapefruit is an excellent partner for slimming and health. Low in calories (40 kcal per 10 g), it is also ideal for people with diabetes. How about making a crab-stuffed grapefruit appetizer for the holidays?