Pyaar Lafzon mein Kahan

Pyaar Lafzon mein Kahan-Ask Laftan Anlamaz

Aşk Laftan Anlamaz is a Turkish Drama Serial that means “Words cannot explain Love” or Love cannot understand Words. This drama serial Pyaar Lafzon mein Kahan  was played on the Turkish channel “Show Tv.” aşk laftan anlamaz 1 (first) episode was released on 15th of June 2016 and last episode of aşk laftan anlamaz was played on 19th February 2017. This serial has a duration of 8 months. It was not just a Turkish drama. It is the world trending drama serial because of its cast and the story.

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Aşk laftan anlamaz get popularity in the year of 2018 because of Hayat Murat romance, comedy, and love. aşk laftan anlamaz cast include Burak deniz, Hande erçel, Oğuzhan Karbi , Özcan Tekdemir, and many more. Burak deniz play the role of Murat and Hnade Ercel play the role of Hayat. While, Özcan Tekdemir as Asli whom Murat brother Doruk loves. Asli was the friend of Hande as well.

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Introduction of Story

Basically, the story Pyaar Lafzon mein Kahan  starts with the three friends Hayat (Hande ercel), Asli, and Ipek.

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Hayat is the daughter of a fisherman and belongs to a poor family who has a residence in the village. But she is the dream girl with beautiful eyes and a smile. She came to Istanbul for making her career and want to get a beautiful life. But her family give her the deadline to get a job in a multinational company otherwise came back home.

Next Episode

So, Hayat decided to give an interview at Sarte Company. On the other side, Burak Deniz comes from Europe trip and there is the big entry of Murat from Helicopter.

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His friend and driver Kerem pick him and going to the office when his car gets some problem. Murat decided to get the taxi in the meanwhile Hayat is already getting late and waiting for the taxi.  When Hayat (hande ercel) sees the taxi, she gets into the car and imagines Murat as a taxi driver. But then she realizes Murat is not the taxi driver, and she gets to argue with Murat. And start walking on the road. But she left her mobile phone in the car.

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Murat follows Hayat for giving her a mobile phone. She misunderstood Murat and shout on her and put the phone into the dustbin. Then Hayat realise that the mobile phone is her own. After that Murat and Hayat standing in front of Sarte and get meet again, hayat consider Murat as a peon and start annoying him by saying I am the assistant of the boss secretary but Hayat does not know Murat is the boss of Sarte.

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 Hayat gets a job from the case of mistaken identity as a personal assistant to Murat Sarsılmaz. Originally, the job was reserved for Suna Pektas a family friend of Sarsilmaz’s. but Hayat request Suna pektas to get this job because suna doesn’t want to do this job. In this way, both get a mutual commitment to keep silent.

Between these scenes, Murat Burak Deniz fell in love with Hayat. Here the story begins.

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About Couple

Hayat and Murat become a famous couple, in fact, the crush couple. People love to watch them together. Google has 2 million-plus searches by the keywords Hayat Murat, Hayat and Murat images, etc. When Pakistani and Indian see the popularity of Hayat and Murat video clips, WhatsApp status then they decided to dub this drama into Hindi/Urdu.

After dubbing aşk laftan anlamaz becomes “Pyaar lafzon mein Kahan.” This drama is translated into English, Urdu, Hindi and many other languages. Subtitle drama is also available on youtube with the name of aşk laftan anlamaz subtitle. Hande erçel yaş is 26 years. Hayat’s date of birth is 24 November 1993.

The most common questions asked by people are:

How old is hande ercel?

She is 26 years old.

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Is hande ercel married?

No, she is not married.

Is hande ercel single                    

Hande ercel seems to be single.

What is Hayat real name?               

Hande Erçel

Who is burak deniz wife?

   Bushra Devil is the wife of Burak Deniz

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How old is Burak Deniz

He is 29 years old, 17th of February 1991

Pyaar Lafzon mein Kahan
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Did Hande ercel miss turkey     

 Hande ercel won the title of miss turkey in 2012

Turkish drama
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Note: This article is specially dedicated to @Hande Ercel and @Burak Deniz. I am the biggest fan of your Drama serial Ask Laftan Anlamaz.  By the way, I learned 2 words of Turkish language “Tmam” means okay, and Ask laftan Anlamaz means Pyaar lafzon mein Kahan. I watched this drama in the Turkish language, then English subtitles, then Urdu dubbing, and still whenever I feel bad, I watch this drama. Just love your chemistry, your expressions, your comedy. I wish I can meet you one day and then I will give you this article as a gift. I will write more articles on you Guys. Thanks a lot for giving us such a nice serial. Last but not least.

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