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Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan was listed as the top holiday destination for travelers for the year 2020 by the United States-based luxury and lifestyle publication Conde Nast Traveller. Pakistan is one of the most wanted and best destinations for those who want to explore the beauty of nature and enjoy the comfort of the magnificent places of Pakistan. And one can get this experience while traveling in Pakistan.



Pakistan is gifted with attractive visitor places nearly all over the country. Here, you will find a list of Northern Areas that are visited by people from all over the world. You will feel the pleasure of exploring the fantastic natural beauty of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. The North is full of amazing natural beauty that one cannot ignore. Northern Areas are one of the major attractions of tourists. The places in Pakistan where Tourists visit to explore beautiful and magnificent nature are Chitral Valley, Kohistan, Murree, Kaghan, Naran, Swat, Kashmir, etc. So, the list is endless.

The Beautiful and Attractive Northern Areas of Pakistan

Travelers from all over the world visit these northern areas to discover the wonders of nature and enjoy the natural beauties of the snow-capped mountains, enchanting glaciers, verdant valleys, stunning wildlife, etc. This region of Pakistan has earned a world-famous status as one of the largest National Parks. It is very important for tourism in Pakistan and thus tourists from all over the world visit here to explore the majestic natural beauty of the region. People visit these wonderful and attractive places to enjoy the peacefulness of the people and their culture.


It is famous for its tourist spots. The beautiful scenic landscapes, the lovely mountains, green landscapes, verdant valleys, caves, holy places, temples, etc. give you a new perspective on traveling in Pakistan. Chitral valley is famous for its historical sites and fascinating places of ancient Kashmir.


Its beautiful Mahudan lake in the north is like paradise in natural beauty. Saiful-Maluk Lake near Naran is the highest lake on earth whose depth is still undiscovered. The magnificent and beautiful mountains around it are wonders in nature

The Hunza valley

This place is in the north is amazing and attractive for foreigners visitors. It is close to the famous K-2 and Rakaposhi mountains and many travelers from all over the world visit here to explore the real beauty of nature


This area is one of the most popular mountain resorts. It is one of the most favorited tourist spots for those who love outdoor activities. It is also a famous trekking destination and has many unexplored and exciting trekking routes.

The Historical Cities of Pakistan

The big cities of Pakistan are also attractive and magnificent. All these cities have various aspects that express Pakistani diverse Culture and traditions such as Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, etc. The historical places and cultural centers such as tombs of great. Many visitors around the world take part in Sufi music and singing






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