Guava Fruit Health Benefits and uses-Guava juice recipe

Guava Fruit Benefits

Have not we all delighted in a plateful of guava benefits sprinkled with chaat masala or black salt? It’s a tropical fruit, cultivated in many regions. Some people have grown guava trees at home. It is an organic product that consistently got enough praise from our grandparents. Guava, known as amrood in URDU, contains small seeds at the inside. Its shape is round and oval with greenish and yellow skin. Other than its extraordinary flavor and aroma, guava has been hailed as one of the super-organic fruit because of the various medical advantages it offers.

This is not wrong, if we say,Guava is a fruit of Vitamin C.”

In reality, it is a powerhouse of supplements, when we make a fruit smoothie or fruit juice. What guava good for? “This modest natural product is uncommonly plentiful in vitamin C rich foods, lycopene, and cancer prevention agents.” Guavas are likewise enriched in manganese which encourages the body to retain other key supplements from the food that we eat. Guava benefits are attributed because of the nearness of folate, a mineral that advances fruitfulness. The potassium in guavas standardizes circulatory strain levels also. Actually, a banana and a guava contain nearly a similar measure of potassium. Since it contains about 80% of the water it helps keep your skin hydrated.”

 Guava contains 380% of Vitamin C and it is the best-recommended fruit to boost your immune system for the prevention of pandemic COVID-19.

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Guava Health Benefits

There are a lot of Guava benefits, some are listed below:

1.    Boost immune system

Low consumption of vitamin C may be a danger of illness and diseases. Guavas are a phenomenal method to get this supplement, as they’re one of the most extravagant foods of vitamin C. Indeed, one guava gives about two times the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for vitamin C. This is equal to the sum of eating an orange, or lemon.

Vitamin C plays a significant job in keeping up a sound safe stomach. Guava is fully enriched with vitamin C. It’s additionally connected to antimicrobial advantages. This implies it assists slaughter with offing terrible microscopic organisms and infections that can prompt diseases. Vitamin C can flush out diseases from your body. Guavas are one of the most extravagant food enrichment of vitamin C. Keeping up sufficient degrees of this vitamin is significant for securing against sickness and diseases.

2.    Best for constipation relief

Guavas are an incredible food of dietary fiber. Along these lines, eating more guavas may help in constipation. Only one guava can give 12% of your daily intake of fiber. Also, guava leaves for infection may give solution to stomach related problems. Studies propose that it might lessen diarrhea and vomiting.

A few studies have additionally indicated that guava leaf smoothie is antimicrobial. This implies it can kill destructive organisms in your gut that can cause looseness of the bowels, and diarrhea.

3.    Normalize cholesterol level

As there are no calories in Guava, so it helps to normalize the cholesterol level in the body. The antioxidant property lets the body’s cholesterol level normal. Guava vitamin C has a high level of potassium that minimizes the body’s bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

4.     Control blood pressure

Guava is full of vitamin C, Potassium, soluble fiber, and have antioxidant properties that let the blood pressure normal. People who have high blood pressure can eat 4 to 5 guava a day. It will help them control blood pressure.

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Guava uses

It can be used in any dessert, salad, juices, and smoothies. Guava recipes may include salad made by some fruits and vegetables. Similarly, guava leaves are also used for relief in infection. People make guava smoothies for their kids.


Here are some frequently asked questions, that we are going to answer:

  • Guava how to eat?

Guava can be eaten as a whole, including their seeds, or can also be eaten without seeds.

  • What guava good for?

Guava is really good for the digestive system, as well as it is good for boosting the immune system. Guava nutrition includes 300+ percent of vitamin C.

  • How to make guava juice?

Guava juice is mostly liked by Asian people. Guava juice recipe is so simple and can be made by simply cutting the guava into slices, and remove the seeds from it. Then put the guava slices into a blender and add some water, sugar, and salt. When it becomes smooth. Pour into glasses and garnish it with some lemon slices and straw. Guava juice benefits include providing a high amount of fiber, vitamin C to the body in zero cholesterol. Here below is the guava juice video:

  • Are guava seeds edible?

Yes, guava slices are edible. They are soft to eat and don’t have any side effects.

  • How much is guava juice worth?

Every juice has its own nutrition. Similarly, guava juice worth is considered in the vitamin C list. In addition, Guava calories and guava crabs amount are zero.

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  • How much does guava juice make?

It’s not really common as lemon juice is common in drinking. But, guava lovers make this juice.

  • Is guava Benefits for immune system?

Yes. Guava good for the immune system because it is fully enriched with vitamin C and has antioxidant properties to boost your immune system.

  • What guava leaf good for?

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Guava leaves can be used for making tea. It is beneficial for diarrhea, diabetes, weight loss, and lowering cholesterol levels.

  • What is Guava in English?

It’s a funny question because Guava is already an English word. Guava’s meaning in Urdu/Hindi is known as “Amrood.”

  •  Guava Benefits in pregnancy

Guava in pregnancy has no side effects. It fully plays a productive role in children’s health. Guava for pregnant women is very good. It gives nutrition to both mommy and baby.

  • Is Guava Benefits in cultivation of  Pakistan

Guava has wide cultivation in Pakistan. On the sides of okara, patoky. There is the major cultivation of guava.


  • What is Guava Benefits in taste

It has a sweet taste with a beautiful essence. Guava taste also depends upon guava types. Different types have different tastes.

  • Guava season

Guava comes in two seasons per year summer and winter. But it is available in the market almost all across the year.