Sana Makki for coronavirus treatment-Tea_qawa recipe, benefits, side effects, history

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Sana Makki is known as the Senna Alexandrina Leaves, is commonly known as some sort of herb. It isn’t only a customary herb, it’s a supernatural therapeutic or remedial herb used in herbal remedies. As the sana makki coronavirus treatment solution of clogging of constipation, and post-butt-centric operations its leaves are the best. Its basic root is in Asia, India, and China. Additionally, it is a little yet thickset bush just like Qari pata leaves. The leaf maybe four to six inches in length. This as well as its branches are long and spreading. Nonetheless, there are a ton of advantages of its plant that you should know things being what they are, what are you sitting tight for? Give it a read and get advantages to you and others.

Herbal Remedies

As we all know, the herbal remedies are archaeological proof shows that the utilization of medical herbs and plants goes back to the Paleolithic age, almost 50 to 60 thousand years ago. Composed proof of homegrown herbal remedies goes back to more than 6,000 years to the Sumerians, who sort out the arrangements of plants into a list.

History of Sana Makki

It is firstly used by Arab doctors or herbalists in the 9th century. They called this herb or plant as “Senna” which means “peeled back.” It has been used in the Arabs and some European medicines. It is available in liquid material, powder form, dry leaf, and capsules.

Sana Makki herb benefits and uses:

Sana Makki is an herbal plant that is widely used by herbalists for different diseases. All the herbs, plants, fruits, vegetables have there benefits that help us in different ways to make our body healthy and beautiful. Some of the advantages of Sana Makki are given below:

·         For skin problems:

The person who encounters skin diseases, for example, psoriasis, skin break out, dermatitis, and pimples must have to take this. It is on the grounds that the smoothie which is made of sanna Makki leaves, when applied to the skin can help to dispose of any of these irritations.

·         For weight loss:

These leaves are very beneficial for weight loss because it has anti-oxidant properties that help you for weight loss and its low calories formula help to ensure you the intake of water that helps you burn more fat calories.

·         For coronavirus:

Additionally, the Sana Makki plant has an antibacterial component so it supports the immune system and helps with battling against any pandemic situation. In this coronavirus outbreak, we have to boost our immune system for standing out through this disaster. As we all know, still there is no vaccination or proper medicine for curing the Coronavirus, so the natural herbal remedies are a good one for the sake of protection.

·        How to make Sana Makki tea

Just put 1 or 2 leaves of Sana Makki and kalonji into the saucepan or boiler. Boil the water and add some chirata leaves then again boil the water and then stir the leaves, the Sana Makki qawa is ready. 

 tea benefits:

Ingredients included are:

Kalonji, Sana Makki, Chirata, Honey

  1. Honey

It is the best option to make your tea sweeter because honey is also antioxidant and reduces the cholesterol level as well as keeps normal your blood pressure.

2. Kalonji

Kalonji is considered to be one of the “life protecting seeds.” It helps in almost all types of diseases and health problems just like acne,, diabetes, heart problems, asthma, joint pain, blood pressure, kidney pain, headaches, and much more.

As we all know, the Muslim community believes and I think all of you also know about the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W, who is the Last Prophet of ALLAH.

Kalonji Hadees in English:

Holy Prophet S.A.W.W said: “ Use the black seeds (kalonji), as it cures all the diseases except death.”

3. Chirata

Chirata is beneficial for skin diseases, cancer, constipation, stomach upset, and fever. It also helps in the protection of the liver.

4. Sana Makki

Sana Makki  is the great herb that is used for strengthening the immune system, makes your hair strong and healthy, Sana Makki benefits for lungs, diabetes, and coronavirus are considering on the top pages.

Availability of Sana Makki in Pakistan, UK, Canada

Sana Makki is available in almost over the world. It also sells on amazon and daraz online stores. Just type on google, Sana Makki qarshi. It is available in sachets as well as it is easily found on herbal stores known as “pansari shop.”

 Side effects:

All the things in this world have benefits and side effects.This tea also has side effects, as well know, the excessive things are always harmful and definitely put some effect on your health. Similarly, this tea is dangerous if it is taken regularly or taken in a high dose. It may cause stomach disorder, diarrhea, and cramps. Don’t use anything for the long term or eaten in high doses.

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