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Best Summer Drinks non-Alcoholic Recipes of Cocktail Sauce

Best Summer Drinks



In Summer season Drinks are so significant to hydrate our body to keep and prevent our body from dehydration, help our body to fight against diabetes, and improve the process of digestion. There are different recipes of cocktails sauce that have a greater amount of sugar like syrup juice. There are a variety of Non-Alcoholic summer drinks which many peoples would like to drink. IN Addition, a plethora of choices of summer drinks at Starbucks with different recipes. Many people feeling fatigued due to high temperatures so that your body loses a lot of water as a result of heavy sweating. So now we will give you a list of beverages to keep you stay hydrated and dynamic.

1.      Lemon Water

This is one of the most pivotal and integral drinks for the human body. This is prepared by using mint, Lemons, Water, and ready within 10 minutes. Another name of this beverage is Shikangi which helps to keep your body to resist heat. Lemon water good for you to stimulate liver because it contains a huge amount of vitamin C approx. 31 mg which provides benefits against heart disease and stroke.



How to Make lemon margarita

Lemon Water


To make this amazing summer drinks you need 1 lemon and 8 cups of room temperature water, squeeze it on a jug of water, then if you would like to add sugar then add 2 tablespoons after this mix it gets ready to drink. In addition, you can also use Lemon water with cucumber or honey for weight loss.

What are the Benefits of Lemon Water?

There are a plethora of Benefits for Lemon water such as

  1. It helps to promote hydration and keep the body active.
  2. It acts as a Detoxifying agent due to citrus acid in it.
  3. Lemon in water Benefits also plays a significant role in the treatment of kidney stones.
  4. Lemon juice with warm water helps in weight loss and increase metabolism rates.
  5. Give relief in joint muscle pain.
  6. Lemon Water fights against any infection due to its strong antibacterial properties.

2.  Watermelon Calories with fruitful juice

This is one of the most popular and demanding juice mostly in summer and it contains 80 to 85 % water and 15 % juicy fluid which helps to make good electrolysis and boost the immune system. Watermelon sugar concentration has original ripening which makes it a delicious and favorable demanding drink.

How to Make

Watermelon nutrients have a rich amount of calories so in order to start making a juice u need a cutting board peel the watermelon slice it with a sharp knife. Place it on the blender and after shaking it heat it on a saucepan over low medium setting than pour the juice into the jug and your drink is ready.



Watermelon Benefits

watermelon benefits


Watermelon nutrition is very beneficial for our body so that’s why there is a lot of advantage of daily intake of this juice :

  1. Asthma is a major lung disease and exacerbates free radical raise the risk of asthma. Richness Vitamin C help to prevent the risk of asthma by providing protection if you take a daily intake of watermelon juice.
  2. Watermelon carbs are around 8g which helps to relieve high blood pressure.
  3. Dietary antioxidants in watermelon low down the risk of prostate cancer.
  4. As we all know watermelon salad is so popular in different food traditions with mint, feta salad. This salad prevents the body from constipation and provides electrolysis.
  5. As an Antioxidant, it contributes to improving the brain and nervous system.

3.  Coconut Water

Coconut is one of the most demanding fruit and widely used all over the world. It has been grown in tropical regions for more than 4600 years ago and used it for a different purpose. Coconut water is the most favorite drink during summer. It contain water 50 %, carbs  9 %, Vitamin C 10% of RDI, Fiber 3%, Magnesium 16%, Manganese 18 %.



Coconut Water Benefits

coconut juice

We can make different dishes like Coconut rice, coconut cake, also used as an oil. Antioxidant property It helps to maintain a boosted body and a strong immune system. It is also beneficial for diabetes patients to keep blood pressure low to a certain limit. Coconut is a fruit which also reduces the efficiency of kidney stone which prevent crystal to increase its size. Coconut oil benefits also play a vital role in the human body it reduces the hair loose issue and provides healthy growth and shiny surface look to hairs, boost cholesterol.

4.      Buttermilk

It is the liquid type material that is left behind when the butter is stirred or shake. Buttermilk is a low-fat liquid that is mostly made in summer days to feel better.  Buttermilk recipe is so simple and easy to make. It has a cooling effect taste, that makes your digestive system cool and strong.

Buttermilk How to Make



Take a cup of water and add some drops of lemon juice or white vinegar. Milk will get curdle, then put the milk into the glass and it is ready to serve.It is used for making soda bread and buttermilk pancakes, due to its acidic or sour taste.

Buttermilk Pie Recipe:

It is a type of baking dish that is made by dough which is filled by some different materials just like chicken, vegetables, sugar, coconut, etc. Buttermilk pie is basically made by adding some amount of wheat flours, sugar, butter, and eggs. It just looks like a custard pie. This recipe is most famous in the UK and the USA.


Buttermilk Fried Chicken:

In this recipe, it is used to marinating the chicken, because of its acidic nature, it will help in strong marination. To make fried chicken better, just marinate the buttermilk for chicken, onion, garlic, and herbs.

5. Pineapple Juice Benefits

pineapple juice


Pineapple is a fruit that is mostly available in tins or disposable metal cans. It has a thick layer of peel that is cut with the help of a cutter. It is basically a tropical plant and it has a lot of benefits, such as pineapple juice for cough is the best remedy because it contains inflammatory anti-bacterial properties that help to fight with bacteria and viruses.



Mostly this question is asked by the patients: Is pineapple juice good for you?

Yes, it is good for everyone because it has Vitamin C and antioxidants that are very helpful for a strong immune system, better blood circulation, and it helps to heal the wounds.