Best Pc Android Antivirus to download free window 10,win 7

 Antivirus to Download free

Even we are now entered into the new decade, along with the best software for computer systems. By the way, we are not in that decade that doesn’t have any attackers and hackers that cant hits our PC or laptop. Today, it’s our major need analyze issue and to install  Antivirus to download free for window protect our laptops, mobile phones, and PCs.

Purpose Of antivirus download on pc 

Actually, cybercrime is growing rapidly and cause a significant effect day by day. It means that these software is a very necessary part to ensure that your gadgets are safe and sound. Choosing the best protection software depends on your affordability either it’s paid or free.

As we all know paid software’s are always more secured as compared to free software, as it provides some extra feature and level of security but it doesn’t mean that free software’s are not good.

We all know with the most popular software that are freely available such as  McAfee, AVAST, etc, but the question here is either they are still really best? Although, here we introduce you with the latest antivirus software of 2020 with their features and installation procedure in 2 forms just like the video and written. Because, many of us don’t even know how to install antivirus software, and how to ensure whether its properly running or not.

Here is the good news that we will tell you about the some new extremely best software’s that have given some trial period for the use, but its too good to detect much-hidden software’s, bugs, trojan horses that may be installed in your PC, laptop through some email attachment or during USB.

File transfer. Actually, we personally reviewed and tested these software’s and make a report that has been reviewed by our FIA Cyber Crime Analyst and Cisco academy instructor that instruct CCNA.

List of Antivirus to download free

After his recommendation, we have made a list  that is providing high efficiency and security. So you can trust our recommendations and surely can install these software’s into your PC or laptop or even if they have mobile apps then sure you may get this antivirus to download free.

The creator of trojan, bugs, viruses are continuously struggling for gaining the access of our Pc and gadgets but fortunately, there are many sincere people, and companies have the solution for this problem and they also continuously giving their best efforts for making such type of software’s that can help us from viruses, malware, trojans, bugs, phishing, ransomware, etc

BEST Antivirus for Free download

  1. Kaspersky
  2. Quick heal
  3. Antivirus download free McAfee
  4. Bull Guard
  5. Norton
  6. Avira antivirus free
  7. AVAST antivirus free download
  8. Bitdefender total security
  9. Trend micro
  10. G data internet security
  11. Malware bytes free antivirus
  12. Antivirus download free AVG
  13. F-secure
  14. Webroot secure
  15. G-data
  16.  Comodo windows
  17. Microsoft windows defender
  18. Ad aware
  19. Total defense software
  20. ESET endpoint security

1.    Kaspersky antivirus:

At the moment in 2020, we think Kaspersky is the best antivirus for download free, as it combines all necessary security tools with a loop of many useful security features. It’s also very easy to use, and best of all, it also offers a free trial for a month. You can read more about what it offers below. Kaspersky is considered in the list 

How to install free Kaspersky antivirus free download software :.


Just type on google, Kaspersky. Then you will see the Kaspersky official website on your screen Click on it Website will be open then scroll a little down See on the right side

There are two options Fist “buy now”Second “free trial for 30 days” Click on free trial download button It will start downloading Its size is about 2.8 Mb After completing the download procedure, click on it Then click on “continue” Then click on “install” It will initiate the antivirus download free for windows 10 Then a popup will appear, to restart the computer for completing the installation When your computer will restart, it will start performing the features.

Different packages :

Kaspersky provides 5 types of packages

1st antivirus security

2nd internet security

3rd total security

4th Kaspersky password manager

5th Kaspersky safe kids – for parental control

Benefits of using Kaspersky:

It provides safety from malware It delivers real-time virus detection It blocks crypto-lockersIt protects from ransomware It provides a feature to protect crypto-mining

Package details:

1st  security package

This package includes the feature of essential antivirus for windows

It provides a protective shield of Blocking virus and cryptocurrency

Its cost for one system is 39$.

2nd internet security

It is used For the privacy of online money transactions

Its cost for one system is 59$.

 3rd total security

It is an software for android mobile. It provides a full safeguard from all types of viruses.

4th password manager

It is used for password security, just like passwords of all your online mails and courses, etc.

5th parental control

It is the most important and trending package because it provides a good facility for the parents that have to give their child laptops, mobile, etc. But they are worried about their kids, thinking of what the kids are doing or watching through the internet. Kaspersky software for pc is very helpful and user-friendly software that give an eye to the parents.

2. Quick heal antivirus software:

Now its time to discuss the second software download free for pc. It’s very important to install an antimalware download free for pc software that will help your system to stay protected from the viruses and attackers.

How to install quick heal  download free for pc:

Open your browser

Then type quick heal  total security

Chrome will show the download option on the top of the browsing page

Then click on it

A quick heal official website will be open.

Then click on download option

The setup file will be installed in 1 minute

And then start the setup to download.

After 3 minutes, the installation window will appear on the screen

Then accept the terms and conditions and click check out the boxes.

And click next

Then select the path where you want to keep your installation file.

Then there will appear a registration window

Register yourself

And fill the required fields on that form

User information includes name, email, country, state, country code, password, etc

Then activation will successfully be completed.

Benefits of using Quick heal :

The benefit of using a quick heal download free for pc program is to self protect your system from outside attacks. It will protect the system from all types of viruses that can harm your system. In order to stay safe and want to relax, then must install this software

Comparison between Kaspersky and quick heal:

The major difference is Kaspersky doesn’t need any user information as compared to Quick heals have a requirement to give user information, in order to get start this software

3. McAfee antivirus free

It’s another type of antivirus free download in pc program that let their user to easily install and update. Infect, it’s an old Version that is mostly mentioned in books with the topic of antivirus for window 7 free tool.

John McAfee is the founder who initiated this software with his name McAfee and it is started in 1987. It supports both antivirus for mac download free feature.

How to install McAfee :

If you are looking for free anti-spamware

Then just Open your system browser

And type McAfee LiveSafe.

The beautiful page will be open

Then click on the free trial option, if you want to get free

Otherwise, you can buy this software

After clicking on free software

Download free trial

After that, McAfee will check for the interference if there is any

After he doesn’t found any issue then start downloading. It will take 2 to 5 minutes.

After this, it will make sure, the software is ready to run or not.

Then it will start installing the software.

The window will open, with the title Welcome to McAfee.

There is an option “see settings”

Click on it, and make sure to set your software according to your need

Then click ok for the rest of all these options that are given below :

  • And next, it will ask you to check your device security
  • Protect your digital life
  • Scan for viruses without slowing down
  • Check your security in real-time
  • View your security report

There will be 3 options for scanning the system :

  • Full-time scan
  • Quick scan
  • And not now

Click on the option that you want

Full-time scan Is time-consuming but its good to scan through this option

But if you have not enough time then go for the option “quick scan”

It will quickly scan out all the viruses

Then after that, if there will any virus, it shows on the screen

And if the system is protected from virus

It will show a message “your pc is protected”

Benefits of using McAfee :

It provide Antivirus for pc free

Trusted antivirus protection

Reliable performance

Installed and protecting

What they see in its software :

It will check viruses

App protection

Web connection security

Out-of-date apps

Cookies and trackers

4. Bull guard

If you’re looking for all-round protection against the latest cyber threats, then investing in the strongest program is the best solution you can hope for and they also have the best business antivirus plans. If you’re looking for software for windows 7 to take care of your company computers. That doesn’t mean you have to start spending big money either, as our guide also gives you the best available prices for the best software. And if it’s the best free antivirus that you’re after, we have some top recommendations for you, too.

How to install Bull Guard

Type on google, bull guard 2020 and then go to their official website and click on it

After the website is open click on a free trial

Bull guard exe file will start downloading

Then click on the agreement of terms and conditions and then the backup data of any type of cloud drive will get start encrypting, parental control and then create an account, after making an account, get started.The bull guard also has a secure browser.The bull guard will automatically start optimizing computer security.

5. Antivirus free download Norton full version

IT is a antivirus software for windows 7 and 10, as well as android, iOS, mac system. It provide 3 types of security that includes mobile security for IOS and android. This software provide free tools just like password manager and power eraser.

Antivirus for android download free

As we all know it’s a world full of attacker and hackers but don’t need to worry. It is providing android security that means, you can easily download any app without any tension, because this will protect and check the viruses and malware, if that app contain any hidden malware or trojan horse, it will detect and alert you, not to download that app. For Norton antivirus login, just type on google “Norton antivirus free” and you will find  official website with lots of feature and packages.

Norton antivirus free download iOS security:

The people who thinks, there ISO devices are safe, just think a little bit, is it really safe ? Are you not using the public Wi-Fi or email services? Cyberattacker can attack your ISO through exploiting the public Wi-Fi or exploiting the vulnerabilities when you don’t update your Operating system. It also provide you the feature of Norton antivirus phone number, for better protection.

Norton family:

Norton is providing a family feature that means parent can control their child by looking at there performance and web browsing. They can monitor all the activities of children’s. It’s the best feature that every parent want in this IT world.

6. Free Avira antivirus

It is an free antivirus software that have the honor of wining so many awards just like top product, real world protection, malware protection, anti ransomware protection, advance protection test. It is a software that is basically developed in Germany and now it has lots of reviews. People mostly search for review of Avira antivirus. On its official website there are reviews for Avira antivirus software. Its automated intelligent learning system, provides PUA shield, safe browsing, AD blocker, browser tracking blocker, and many more.

What is PUA shield ?

PUA stands for “Potentially unwanted applications that are hidden in the software. Avira provides a feature of latest technology that identify PUA.

What is AD blocker?

Ad is the short term of advertisement and Avira gives the feature of blocking malicious Ads and protect you from pop up messages.

It is develop for all the devices just like free Avira antivirus for MAC, windows, IOS, android.

Avira antivirus free for mac:

It provides a secure environment and gives you a protection from all kinds of ransomware and malwares. Avira antivirus free mac is very popular in MAC users because it is very easy to use. Just you need to click on the scan icon and it will scan all your system in real time.

You can also check Avira antivirus review on there official website which is www.

7. Antivirus download free AVAST

It is an antivirus software that is designed to give a protected shield on your systems. It support three types of professions, business, personal and global operators. This company is providing free features as well as premium package for more security on your gadgets and systems.

 For business:

They aim to deliver end to end security including network security and to feel them protected by encrypting there data in between each other, they offer their services not only for large organization or business, but also for small businesses.

 For personal use:

In personal online security, they offers personal (VPN) virtual private network that protects your personal data from hacking, and attacks. In Addition we all know about the advertisers or browsing cookies have an eye on our search history and favorite sites,but by using your own purchased premium VPN, you can secure your bank accounts details, debit cards password, etc

For global operators:

This company is collaborating its features of security and protection with many large telecommunication global organizations. They deal with large mobile and networking organizations and firms




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