How and Where Tourists Died during Hiking traveling Deaths

Tourist are the people that travel for fun in different regions, countries, and states. They explore the nature and natural beauty that lies in the heart of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, etc . They climbs and have some target point to reach the peak of that certain mountain .Most Importantly  Hiking is the good activity as well as a good exercise. In Addition Here is the list of some Tourist died during hiking or traveling at beautiful places Toruist 4 fun

1: Head Injury case

Martin is the French National and he visited KUALA LUMPUR, that is the capital of Malaysia, with his girl friend to the tourist best attraction place Bukit Tabur, it is the ridge located in Forest . Bukit Tabur is a  dangerous hiking place in Asian region. The people who have strong rock climbing skills will survive here. Martin started to hike at 1:30 and accident occur at 2:30 pm, due to head injury he was died .Ampany jaya police investigate this case and found no criminal activities involved in this case.

2.Landmine blast case

In Myanmar, a German tourist visit with his friend to most scenic place with stunning huge mountains . The  recent fighting between ethnic armed force why mines are spread all over there to covered area .In other word place is very endangered for the tourist . Myanmar is linking through border line with China, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

3.Collapse from Hiking trail

A 36 year old man had been walking with his family to the mount sonder 3k trail in central Australia as a tourist 4 fun . It is the fourth tallest mountain in North area. It has its own beauty and height. Police found no evidence of how man collapse during hiking. However Mount sonder is around 150 kilometer trial and 16 kilometer walk takes 6 hours to complete.

4.Hiker falling from 200ft high mountain

In California,  A Man dies after falling from 200 feet high mountain, as this is the top highest in California, authorities said. Hiker’s age was 23 years old. His partner call for the help through some satellite communication. He got injuries after falling off waterfall.

5. Hiker dies falling from Yosemite’s Half Dome trail

The 29-year-old lady was died during climbing the steepest part of the trail Friday .As a result she fell almost more than 500 feet down the rocky path. Park spokesman Jack, says, a lady whose age was almost 28-29 years old, named Danielle Burnett fell down. This dome trail requires 10 to 15 hours for completion.

6. Two persons died after falling from 1 thousand feet Highland’s mountain

Highland mountain are located in the state Montana  the country of America. The peak point of Highland is Table point .In Addition Tourist try of hiking that place, but some get succeed and other fell down with lots of injuries and bones fractures.

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