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Here is a list of MAC Matte CHANEL Lipstick

This Product is the major part of the cosmetic products and the girl’s makeover is incomplete without it. There is a famous saying, lips without lipstick are just like the cake without the chocolate. It came into being for the purpose of enhancing the beauty of lips, with different colors like Mac Matte Chanel lipstick pink, red, black, brown   Here are the top 5  colors that come in the list of best-selling Products.


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MAC is undoubtedly the most trending brand that emphasizes his customer to love is initially considered as the makeup brand and only used by makeup artists for big events. But now it is affordable for everyone. They had opened many shops in different countries. Hence, it is accessible by consumers.

Satin lipstick peachy new year’  is the color that is most common as it gives the creamy soft cushiony feel, enriched with a creamy formula that builds a medium to full satin finish look. MAC is mostly used by the ladies who have a gold undertone. It has become go-to for many ladies and they’ve gotten so many compliments on it.


Dior is a French company that is owned by the great businessmen Bernard Arnault and its owner is Christian Dior. This brand came into existence for the purpose to provide luxuries to the makeup world. Pink coral by DIOR and DIOR ADDICT LACQUER is the best selling products, it gives the saturated lip shades and weightless wear. Liquified shine gives the lip a glossy look. It’s surprisingly non-drying formula gives a matte look, and the wear is excellent.


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FRANCOIS NAR introduces this makeup line. He is a French photographer and makeup artist. He gives an initiate to the makeup industry by introducing the makeup products. NARS is as famous as MAC. It is one of the brands that has live reviews on their eCommerce website. They have good and as well as bad reviews. They introduce good colors of lipsticks within the range of $26. New Ravishing Red is an unexpected color that they launch. Francois loved the bold and bright shades for modern style. He thinks ladies have to expose herself with nude colors that let her give confidence for nothing to hide. Nars lipsticks are made by the ingredients that have seeds oil and fruit fragrance. His lipstick range offers 50 shades in three finishes.




Luminous Matte Lip Colour 58 – ROUGE VIE is the best selling product that gives a natural reddish look to the pigmented lips. It gives a velvet matte finish. It comes at the price of 38$. Its non-drying formula makes it uniquely matte lipstick. The composition includes jojoba oil and butter to moisturize lips. Forgiving the best coverage use this lipstick with the help of a brush. Ladies who have never been a red-lip wearer but this shade changed all. It’s great for nights out, but also wearable in work time and it’s not over the top at all!


Revlon rose wine” is a great neutral color to put some extra beauty and pop into every outfit and Revlon glides on so smoothly and gives a feel like a baby chapstick. It does not sweat off easily, long stay on lips. It’s a very natural color that gives a kiss of color with a dewy look. It comes at the price of $9 only. It comes in the top 5 brands and among the 5 best selling Mac Matte Chanel lipstick.