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What type of Circumstance rise during long term Lockdown

Scientist are still trying to understand how to fight against this virus ? When coronavirus end completely finished ?  How to reduce this virus from spreading ? What are the Major Symptoms of this virus ? is there any upcoming vaccine will be prepared in this year ?  According to the prediction of different scientist and researchers it is impossible to predict any data, or time according to the current situations of the world .

Michael Head a Senior researchers say coronavirus is unprecedented and continue for the long time if peoples try to neglect precautions But on the other side Head rise hopes that in the upcoming months this pandemic will be reduced in winter.

Singapore university researchers carried out some analysis of covid-19 report and as a consequences they reached to the final result by using a model name Susceptible-Infected-Recovered to observe the life cycle of covid-19 and after the inspections of final report it may conclude that 90% of this virus is eliminated with in upcoming 2 months and remaining 10 % probably will be reduced in Dec 2020 according to the study report . This report also find out some key points regarding those patient whose recovered from covid-19 . The report illustrate that the patient recovered from this virus generate a antibodies against this virus so that they got risk free certificate to going back to work without any fear


In many European counties like France , Italy , Spain have implemented very high strick rule to keep the people stay at home and only allow small no of people to go outside in case of emergency .

1.  Health Crisis

Due to sharply increase of this virus different patient suffering  from different disease are facing  a very drastic health problem because of unavailability of doctors . Many patient died due to not receiving any medical treatment form doctors and this crisis continue to increase if convid -19 spread. Due to dramatically increase of this virus testing kits requirements gone to rise up to millions

2.  Global economy effects


The deadly virus gives a huge economic shock to the world . First it start from china in the starting two months the GDP down to 20 % . It will continue to decrease the manufacturing sectors slumped to lower rate and global trade shrank to 17 % . This virus seriously threaten the economy of global financial  system .

Likewise, due to unparallel emergencies USA and Europe international market continue to fluctuate and decrease steadily. The global OECD confirm that coronavirus depress the global economy from 2.9 % to 2.4 % in 2020. IMF revealed a report in which showing about the world uncertainty index which shows the highest level of uncertainty in the economic part.

The unpreceded virus create a huge stress in capital markets . If market liquidity continue to this real problems.that recession in capital market problems will rise . Similarly social distancing would also stop the productivity and, labor participation in work would also rise a supply shortage around the globe.

3.Social Distance effects


As the Pandemic grow with the passage of time the doctors advice people to keep social distancing and try o avoid to go out crowded places , parks , shopping center , markets , cinema , theater ,etc . This will create a huge disturbance in human life become desperate ,awful  and distraught . This will also create some physiological effects on human behavior . The social life become completely stick to home quarantine and social activities like meeting , voting , concerts not take place anywhere. Because this is dangerous to hold during these crisis . Similarly cancellation of worships ,cancellation of pilgrimages rise a huge impact in religious part of our life also adherent of any religion to pray everyday to an end of this pandemic.

Education sector face a huge back step during this pandemic virus because it effect 1.5 billion students worldwide. Universities colleges school are closed to avoid social distancing and try to stay at home and get online classes to sustain their studies due to spreadness of this pendamic . Universities launched their own app  allow faculty member to  deliver lecture online until this pandemic end.

Financial markets collapse specially crude oil price decrease dramatically and sell out free in united states.  Stock market crash in march 2020 and there is approximately 300 billion dollar in the economy of developing countries . Manufacturing industries sales down to 60 % due to this social distancing


4.Impact on Economy


Economic recession occur around the world due to covid-19 pandemic and stock market crash badly due to this reason . Many big countries like Spain , Italy , USA , china , china enact quarantine .This let disruption in economy , business sectors .

A crude oil war between Russia and Saudi which also decline the prices of oil in world market . The pandemic effected a restaurant business but not many so many restaurant decided to start take out delivery. Pandemic will increase the lack of employment rate all over the world . This is drastic inflation and one of the major serious issue rise over the world


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