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Italy is going through severe Coronavirus. In Italy coronavirus, active cases are 105,792. Italy’s coronavirus death toll  2,428. Italy’s covered patients are 15,729. Italy coronavirus cases and Italy death cases are getting much higher than expectations.Italy is ranked in one of the most visited European countries which are surrounded by different islands. The capital of Italy is Rome. Rome is the iconic city of Italy and has a great transportation system

It has myriad of people and cultures.The official language is Italian but English speakers are also available.Italy’s currency is Euro, 1 euro is equal to 1.10 US dollars.

Venice , Florence is one of the most beautiful cities because of architecture and natural beauty and Milan.

Italy coronavirus timeline is almost 3 months.

The news of Italy coronavirus lockdown is absolutely true. The people are isolated in their homes.cases in this country are increased by 4053 today.The virus is going to be targeted as the highest rating country. That makes a major cause in Italy coronavirus lockdown.

Italy coronavirus Death cases:

Many people search for the Italy coronavirus death toll. Here is the latest Italy coronavirus death toll

graph of death cases in italy

Italy Active cases:

graph of italy coronavirus active cases

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Italy coronavirus recovered cases:graph for italy coronavirus recovered cases

Italy recovered cases are also in the way.

Similarly, the recovery is much slow rather than the newly active cases.

In short, that’s why the Italian government has urged its people. To stay at home and keep them isolated.

Italy lockdown:

Italy coronavirus lockdown means to shut down that place temporarily.

For the sake of any beneficial reason as coronavirus death cases.

As we all know, the whole world is going through coronavirus.

The latest updates about the

coronavirus in Pakistan. is mentioned by the geo News.

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