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coronavirus updates , symptoms, treatment ,

6 Celebrities from all over the world that have Coronavirus

Many famous celebrities also have a positive report of Coronavirus.To know about , updates , symptoms, treatment follow our page and visit website

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson:

Tom  and her wife which is singer Wilson had a positive test report on Coronavirus. As they were in Australia, and they have mild flu and fever. when they go through from test, they came to know about  detection. But now they are recovering.


Olga Kurylenko:

Olga Kurylenko is a French actress that plays a major role in James Bond and she came into modeling at the age of 13.


Idris Elba:

Idris Elba is a Britain actor that tweets through his twitter account that he also have a positive report on Coronavirus. He said that he had no more proper symptoms but still he has diagnosed by a coronavirus. He requests his fans to stay at home and don’t do any social activities.


Kristofer hivju:

Kristofer is a Norwegian actor that is playing a major role in the movie “Game of Thrones”. He is diagnosed by the positive coronavirus report.


Rachel Matthews:

Rachel Matthews is an American actress that played a vital role in Elsa in frozen 2.

She played a major role in Happy death day and Happy death day 2U.

Rachel Matthews also diagnosed by the coronavirus, she shared her disease on the Instagram story. She tells that she only feels the mild fever and when she goes through the process of testing coronavirus, the reports are positive.


Charlotte Lawrence

Charlotte Lawrence is an US singer and model. lawrence is 17 years old and born in Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

She had the hit songs just like Jokes on You, Why do you love me, just the same, etc

charlotte also put a piece of news in her Instagram status that she also have Coronavirus, but she stays at home and take great care of her, so she get better and recover. She requests her fans to stay clean, stay safe, stay aware coronavirus, updates , symptoms, treatment ,