Jersey city Shooting

Jersey City Shooting

Jersey City is a city located in New Jersey. A Massive shooting was occurred in a grocery store at Jersey city on 10 December 2019 at 12:30 Pm. Six peoples were dead In which three civilians were killed and 4 were injured. 2 shooters were killed and 3 police officers were injured.

Officers among six were killed in the New Jersey gun battle.

According to Chief Police Officer in Jersey city “Mike Kelley” :

We have taken something that may contain a sensitive device that is since been taken from the location and is examined by the bomb squad member, secondly, we have 5 peoples away Inside the store then members of the police force stand up and eventually we declare them away.

According to Jersey City Mayor “Steven Flop ” :

A Locational attack was targeted and he further talked about the police officer who was killed during this shooting in Jersey City. His name was joe and he was in the police department since 2006 and EVEN more then a police officer and he was the leading officer for the most sensitive streets and further he was a husband and father of 6 children.

According to some news reporter :

They themselves have watched and listened to the noises of guns firing bullets approximately 150+ fires were begin in Jersey City.

Reviews of Jersey city people on this shootout are :

A lady Tiera sky said :

“So all of this began because they “looked suspicious”? she further said  It could have been avoided if they were placed under surveillance when they became “wanted in connection to” something else. Oops, I forgot this is an election year coming up.”

The desperate use of police force and guns is being questioned after a chase in Jersey city ended with a deadly extreme shootout. One man who was standing there and led police on the spot were killed and three innocent bystanders. Further investigations are conducting in the state of the USA.