Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Best places in Spain to visit, top travel places,


  • Currency in Spain:

 Currency used in Spain is Euro. One euro is equal to 170 Pakistani rupees. Best places in Spain , top travel places, Spain tourism

    • Timing of Spain :

Spain is 4 hours back from Pakistani/Indian timing.

  • Language in Spain :

The capital city is Madrid which is home to the eye-catching Royal Palace.

  • Climate :

Spain also comes in the list of some hot countries like FRANCE.Furthermore, the peak season is summer which starts from April to September. The winter season starts from November to February.

  • Travel places in Spain :

Top best visiting places in Spain are:


Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Barcelona is the city in Spain with well known for art and architecture.This the capital of Spain region well known for its history over 2500 years ago. Familia church is an eye-catching place in Barcelona. In Barcelona, Park Guell is a public park that has many gardens, hills, and architectural buildings.


Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Madrid is the Capital of Spain. The well-known spot in Madrid is the Prado Museum. Madrid is Spain’s central capital, is a city of dazzling lanes and clearing manicured stops, for instance, the Buen Retiro. It’s renowned for its rich vaults of European craftsmanship, including the Prado Museum’s works by Goya, Velázquez, and other Spanish supervisors. The center of old Hapsburg Madrid is the corridor lined Plaza Mayor, and near to the extravagant Royal Palace and Armory, indicating essential weaponry.


Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

It is the capital of Southern Spain. It is famous for its culture, traditions, and arts. it is the place where many Easter parades take place. This is city  full of life and love  Famous food in Seville is Bulls meat, stewed cheeks.

4. Majorca

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Majorca is the island of Spain and famous for beach resorts and restaurants. It’s art galleries, festivals include music and dance festive, have its own glory. The best destination place is “Mediterranean”.

5. Ibiza

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

This is the city of  nightclubs that make this city stand alone. Ibiza has many bars, shops, yoga centers night clubs, etc Island size is small, but it has a great packed fascinating site.

6. Palma 

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism Palma is the capital city of Spanish Island. It is the resort city which is well known for its beaches, fish market. The most lovely landmarks are encircled by angling vessels, pine backwoods, and palm trees.





7. Ronda

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism


Ronda is the village in Spain is located on the top of the mountain. Most popular for its stupendous setting on a profound canyon spread over by a stone scaffold, Ronda has a rich social and artistic convention and is the home of present-day bullfighting.




8. Tenerife

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Tenerife is the largest island in Spain and famous for a beautiful festival with traditional dance, music, dresses Spring and fall are viewed as the best ideal opportunity to visit Tenerife. From March through October the climate gets extremely hot, ideal for the seashore exercises. Mellow winter months are for paragliding and investigating the island.

9. Toledo

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Toledo is the old city of Spain famous for Arab, Christians, and Jewish monuments. toledo is the central core of Spain. This momentous antiquated city is an enrapturing UNESCO World Heritage Site. Toledo have  conventional specialties, including damascene metalwork, antique-propelled blades, and carefully assembled marzipan

10. Bilbao

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Bilbao is the port city in Spain. It is famous for Frank-Gehry. It’s the accepted capital of Basque Country, with a high rise filled midtown. Firstly, This  popular for the Frank Gehry–structured Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Therefore it started renovationwhen it opened in 1997. The exhibition hall houses noticeable current and contemporary works, yet it’s the breathtaking, titanium-clad structure that gets the most consideration.

11. Lanzarote

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

It is famous for all of the year’s warm weather. Lanzarote is popular for its new fish and curious potatoes. The volcanic earth produces humongous potatoes and these are remembered for pretty much every kind of Lanzarote claims to fame

12. Costa Brava

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Costa Brava is the cultural region of Spain. it is one of Spain’s most significant social and gastronomic areas. Found only upper east of Barcelona and extending right to the fringe with France, the ‘bold coast’ is wild, rough, and brimming with a gastronomic experience.

13. Marbella

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Marbella is known as the playground of Europe’s.This is known as the play area of Europe’s rich and renowned. On the off chance that the Costa del Sol was imagined as Europe’s Florida, at that point its Miami. Truth 1 – Marbella is a paradise for foodies, with a lot of Michelin stars sparkling on its eating foundations

14. Alicante

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Alicante is costly seashores, sunbathing, swimming. This renowned for its great palm tree flanked avenues and shopping boulevards. The first name of the city “Lucentum” interprets as “City of Light”. This appealing town along the Costa Blanca has staggering seashores, colossal courts, magnificent stops, and heaps of experience just as extraordinary climate.

15. Fuerteventura

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Fuerteventura considered the best and fascinating place in Spain.Many of the tourist love to visit this place every day. Wild, desolate, and bordered with sparkling seashores, Fuerteventura is the second biggest among Spain’s popular Canary Islands. Popular for its Mars-like boondocks, it’s where cinnamon-tinged miradors oversee thundering waves.

16. Minorca

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Minorca is totally known for its endless beachesand , prestigious for its seashores and which is all well and good however don’t neglect the inside.Therefore Assigned a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1993, the island has a notoriety for being a botanist’s heaven in the spring months its rustic knolls are covered with wild blossoms.

17. Formentera

Best places in Spain ,top travel places ,Spain tourism

Formentera is  clear waters and sea and the littlest of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea.IN Addition reachable by ship from its progressively swarmed, better-realized island neighbor, Ibiza, and makes for a well known day-trip goal in the mid-year. Similarly This known for its away from and extended lengths of sea shore upheld by rises and pine trees. Diversions incorporate swimming and cruising, with gear rentals and pontoon sanctions accessible.

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