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Frozen 2

Frozen 2

The story of Beautiful and stunning Elsa and Anna.

Frozen 2 is an American 3D animated movie.

Frozen 2 is a sequel of  frozen that was released in 2013

Frozen 2 is popular among all the children by the name of Elsa, Anna.

Elsa is the snow queen and the elder sister of Anna that have magical ice power.

Frozen 2 Birthday theme:

Frozen 2 birthday theme

The two sisters’ animated look had gained so much popularity as many parents have arranged their child’s birthday themes according to the eye-catching stars of Frozen 2 Elsa and Anna.

Frozen 2 Released date :

The released date of Frozen 2 was 22 November 2019

Frozen 2 Cast:

Indiana Menzel plays a role as Elsa.

Kristen Bell as Anna.

Frozen 2 Box office:

It crosses almost $500 billion in 4 days from all over the world.

Frozen 2 Reviews:

Frozen 2 reviews are not too much positive.

Almost 77% of people rate this movie 4/5.

Frozen 2 gains the average rating in contrast to Frozen I.

All the children’s loved this movie especially the music that makes the cinematic environment more charming.


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