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Fishing pedicure in restaurant

Fishing pedicure in a restaurant:

 Indonesian capital Yogyakarta is offering two in one place where people can eat their meal by enjoying a fish pedicure. They offer a meal by sitting on chairs by lying their feet into ankle-deep water. There are thousands of little fishes that nibbled dead skin from the diner’s feet.

It is an open-air restaurant with a beautiful location. Many people came there from different cities.

·        Fishing pedicure Procedure:

The procedure of fishing pedicure is to take your feet in a bowl of water and many tiny fishes usually nibbled dead skin and leave newer skin exposed.

fishing pedicure








Fishing pedicure benefits: 

  • Nibbling away dead skin
  • It smooths out and softens the feet.


Fishing pedicure disadvantage:

  • Hygienic issue
  • Health risk
  • Bacterial infection

Where Fishing pedicure banned:

  • pedicure is banned in Florida and Texas.

Why fishing pedicure banned?

  • pedicure is banned because some doctors think after each pedicure tool will be discarded or sanitized but it is not possible for fishes when it is being used as tools.

Does fishing pedicure hurt?

  • to some customers, fishing pedicure doesn’t hurt.

Fishing pedicure cost:

30 minutes massage for approximately $60.

Reviews of fishing pedicure:

  • reviews are good for a fishing pedicure.
  • women said, ”she feels like fishes are biting there feet”.

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