Pakistani Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi quits Pakistani Showbiz Industry

Pakistani Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi quits Pakistani Showbiz Industry

Most popular Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi announced that he is quitting showbiz for devoting his life to spread the message of Deen.e.Islam.


The “ Mann Mayal “ actor shared a video message on his social media YouTube account to announce his thoughts and decision, in which he tells about the journey of being Atheism is based on more than 12-15 years of research.

Hamza Ali Abbasi is the actor who played a major role in “ Jawani Phir Nahi ani “ describe his journey from atheist to Muslim in the 24-minute long video in which he discusses some major points related to Islam and God(ALLAH).

In this video hamza said, he had announced about making a video on a very important topic but he gets late on sharing that video. He apologized his fans for the delay of uploading video.

Then hamza further said, he is blessed because ALLAH has given him so much fame.

He shared his life-changing story about “GOD”.

Hamza said, he thinks in his teenage who is the creator of this world. Then he starts searching his answers about God but when he doesn’t find any answers about God or the creator of this world. Then he became “Atheist”.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said Science was something that brought me back for being an atheist. Then he came to the result there is someone who creates this world. This is not the result of blind Forces.

Then hamza observed, read and make research on many religions. When finally he studied Islam, then he can’t deny for accepting Islam and he admits that Allah has power over all things. Now, Hamza believes that we all will die one day and we all had forgotten that day. Hamza said, he strongly believes that this life is temporary and there will happening a Day in which all people have to give answers in front of ALLAH.

Hamza Ali Abbasi further said that he has suffered from a very painful procedure of 10-15 years. He asked some questions to himself that what is Life? What is the aim of Life? What he had to do in Life? Then he thinks, he is already blessed with a strong financial background. Then he again thinks about the major reason behind the existence of men in this world. He said, all the famous personalities have died just like Michael Jackson and Sikandar.E.azam.

Then he again thinks about all the fields just like politics, social media, Industry, etc. But he is not satisfied with these things because hamza thinks if he gets all the awards, medals but these awards don’t give him benefit at the end. Instead of all this, all the things are wasteful. Then Hamza abbasi decided to make himself ready to talk about GOD and to think about GOD and to share his experience with the ALMIGHTY ALLAH. He decided to help people financially, emotionally. So that when he died , he will surely be able to answer the questions about his entire life and he gets success in Akhrah and also make himself feel proud in front of ALLAH. Hamza further said before he starts to share all these things and to make corrections of others he started himself to be corrected first that’s why he performed Hajj and decided to get married with Naimal Khan. Hamza Ali Abbasi said he will surely use all social media sites just like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, etc for the sake of ALLAH’s Deen. He said he will try his level best to make such type of drama, film where the people found only the message of Divine GOD not an item song, etc.





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