critical analysis

Thesis statement: The Women suffrage movement will eventually achieve its aims in America due to the nature of the movement as well as its historical background.
The essay on women suffrage argues in favor of women suffrage by presenting reasons as to why the movement will be successful. It uses comparisons to identify the relationship between the principles of American history with the nature of women suffrage. Furthermore, the essay makes use of comparisons as it compares the “tax without representation” slogan to that of women, thereby opening up similarities between the two. The essay also makes use of a rhetorical argument in which a hypothetical situation is presented. The author identifies the comparison between an educated person an one without an education by comparing men who have not achieved much to women who have achieved in the society.
Although this essay describes many of the arguments in favor of women suffrage, it does not provide much arguments against it. This is an essential part of any essay and the author needs to include more counterarguments in favor of his stance.
The essay also views women suffrage on a political level and focuses on a political solution. It takes the form of a persuasive text in which the author is trying to bring people to understand the importance of woman suffrage legislature.
Critical evaluation can help one identify the weak points in an essay and can help students improve their written work. It is especially beneficial in APUS courses as it helps students to develop their critical thinking skills and understand whether an argument has weight or not.

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