Samsung 292 Inches TV Price-Luxury Wall

Since television is not just a way of conveying entertainment, it is also becoming an artwork or the whole wall display. Samsung has announced the latest version of the Wall Luxury that is named as Samsung 292 inches tv. The Luxury giant compatible Micro LED TV will be available globally from July 2019. This new version has a maximum resolution of 8K. The giant wall which measured up to 292 inches. It was revealed at the InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

Samsung 292 inch Tv price

Samsung Wall Luxury has a higher resolution compared to the previous Micro LED of Samsung, but it also occupies a lot more space.

This Wall Luxury will be available in many sizes. The smallest size is 73 inches with 2k and the maximum size is 292 inches with 8K resolution. The previous version that was shown at CES was just 75 inches Micro LED. That has 4K resolution as compare to this version which just has 2K resolution in its 73 inches model.

Samsung 292 inch Tv dimensions

Without being affected by the huge size, it has the inward distance is just 30mm and supports the edgeless design. Samsung claimed, the self-release Micro LEDs have a life of more than 100,000 hours. Users can also leave the giant TV turned on while not watching it. As it displays different artworks with digital frames.

Source: techradar

The TV display provides AI (Artificial Intelligence) picture quality which is called Quantum Processor Flex, to display optimize the image of every scene. This engine uses AI technologies and machine learning to make picture quality best, irrespective of the genuine source.

Samsung Wall luxury can achieve up to 2,000 nits of brightness and 120 Hz of refresh rate. Basically, no matter what you are watching. It is going to look huge, bright, and beautifully sharpen.

The giant Wall will be available internationally at the end of this month. The prices of the giants are not yet announced. But it surely can base on five digits figure. After spending money on this Luxury Wall. you will save all your money you will be going to spend on movie tickets.