FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019.

FIFA women's world cup 2019

FIFA Women’s World cup Fixture

Grouping of teams

Group A:

  • France
  • Norway
  • Nigeria
  • South Korea

Group B:

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • China
  • South Africa

Group C:

  • Italy
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Jamaica

Group D:

  • England
  • Japan
  • Argentina
  • Scotland

Group E:

  • Netherlands
  • Canada
    • Cameroon
    • New Zealand

    Group F:

    • United States
    • Sweden
    • Chile
    • Thailand


    Results of Previous Matches

    8th June, 2019

    The very first match of FIFA women’s world cup 2019 between France and South Korea, France won that match. On the same day the Germany won the match from China. Spain won from South Africa.FiFa Women’s world cup is amazing Entertainment for football fans

    9th June, 2019

    Norway won from Nigeria. Australia lost the match from Italy. Brazil hit the victory from Jamaica. England got the victory against Scotland

    10th June, 2019

    The match between Argentina and Japan ended in a tie.

    11th June, 2019

    Canada won against Cameroon. New Zealand lost against the Netherlands. Sweden hit the victory against Chile

    12th June, 2019

    The United States got the victory against Thailand. Nigeria won against South Korea. Germany won from Spain.

    13th June, 2019

  • Norway lost the match from France. Australia hit the success against Brazil.

    14th June, 2019

    South Africa lost from China. Japan got the victory against Scotland. Jamaica lost against Italy.

    15th June, 2019

    England got the success against Argentina. Netherlands hit the victory against Cameroon.

    16th June, 2019

    New Zealand lost against Canada. Sweden got the victory from Thailand. United Stated won the match against Chile.

    17th June, 2019

    The match between China and Spain ended in tie. Germany won from South Africa.

    18th June, 2019

    Nigeria lost from France. Norway won the match from South Korea.

    19th June, 2019

    Brazil hit the victory against Italy. Australia won the game against Jamaica.

    20th June, 2019

    Japan lost the match from England. The match between Scotland and Argentina ended in a tie. Netherlands won against Canada. Cameroon won from New Zealand.

    21st June, 2019

    Sweden lost from United States. Chile won from Thailand.

    22nd June, 2019

  • Germany hit the victory against Nigeria.

    23rd June, 2019

    England won the match against Cameroon.

    24th June, 2019

    France won from Brazil.


    Remaining matches of FIFA women’s world cup 2019 to be selected in Quarter-final

    24th June, 2019

    Spain vs United States

    25th June, 2019

    Sweden vs Canada

    Italy vs China

    26th June, 2019

    Netherlands vs Japan


    The first quarter-final match will be between Norway and England on Friday, 28th June, 2019.


    Goals of Players in the FIFA women’s world cup

    Alex Morgan from United States made 5 goals

    Samantha Kerr from Australia also made 5 goals

    CristianeRozeira from Brazil made 4 goals

    Ellen White from England made 4 goals

    Carli Lloyd from United Stated made 3 goals

    Cristiana Girelli from Italy made 3 goals

    Sara Dabritz from Germany made 3 goals

    Wendie Renard from France made 3 goals


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