Allegations on Chairman NAB.

National Accountability Bureau is known as the federal institution to work into the acts against the corruption and make actions against the economic terrorism for the Government of Pakistan. Currently is been headed by Justice Javed Iqbal the current chairman of NAB (National Accountability Bureau). Apparently NAB is been given power to take necessary actions against the terrorism and financial crimes. However, setting the legal ground for the actions been taken by NAB chairman Javed Iqbal he has been currently under the allegations made against him. NAB is divided into two principals of work; the Chairman and the Prosecutor General of Accountability of Pakistan. 

Recently scandalous audio and video have been leaked against the NAB chairman as he has been accused for having unfitting conversation with unidentified women.  Apparently, a gang planned up to make propaganda against the chairman NAB recently NAB said in the statement that it was the plan to take the attention away from the corruption makers in the finance of the country. Leaking the videos of the chairman NAB with unidentified women and making unacceptable statements against chairman NAB. However, woman in the video has reported that Chairman Javed Iqbal threatened her if she will not fulfill Justice Iqbal wishes. Apparently, chairman has been asked for these allegations made against him for harassing this unidentified women however, inquiries have been made and it is found that this blackmailing gang have been involved into more than 43 kidnapping and blackmailing cases. In recent statements NAB claimed this blackmailing group have been formed to make bureau undo there legal actions taken against the corruption and degrade the name of the national bureau. Police have also informed about the gang leader Farooq who was already imprisoned at Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore.

Apparently, our country media have never let us down for degrading the country and let their TRPS reaches to the skies. Media have been playing vital role to degrade the work of National Accountability Bureau even they played the leaked videos and made the damage to the strength of NAB. Chairman claimed through his statement that these allegations have become the hurdle to perform NAB there routine work against the economic terrorism. He also added to the statement that he has made a team to work against the issues business mans have been facing and he will not leave his office until there problems will be solved. These allegation have currently slow down the action rate against the corrupt people in the country said Javed Iqbal. However, overviewing the current economic situation of country Javed Iqbal said NAB is being blamed for this state of the country he added the question “What has NAB to do with dollar’s increasing value”. Corrupt candidate of the parliament are still present there ruling over their area washing off their hands from the corruption they have made and running away from NAB with the help of their forefather powers. Additionally, different party leaders have come along with Justice Javed Iqbal and they have supported him through the wrong allegations made against him.

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