Healthy life and fitness plan

1.Setting yourself up for progress

Make a proper diet plan and follow it regularly that might help to establish a fixed time schedule in eating . Moreover it also integral for stomach to digest it properly . Also avoid smoking it will be detrimental for human body and have a adverse effects on body. Because nicotine and CO are present in smoking and these substance make your blood thick and it will be difficult for arteries to circulate blood to heart and other part of the body . furthermore smoking increase your heart beat rate because during smoking your heart do extra work to circulate blood to all parts of body and if heart do more then work with normal capacity that would increase the chance of death

2.Drink a lot of water.

Water help to main a body become hydrated and active in whole day. Dehydration  have a worse effect on human brain if ( 1 to 6 % of body weight ) contain dehydration and study show that if fluid loss is more then 1.90 % then it may increase headaches . Similarly water also uprooting kidney stones in human who are suffered from kidney stones  , such as high fluid of water enhance the greater amount of urine passes through kidney which help to washout kidney from  crystallize particle

Drinking plenty of water help to reduce weight it is due to increase the metabolic rate in body and drinking one liter of water increase the metabolism up to 50 % so that drinking water before meal is vital for health and drinking half liter water   concentrate on workout to create a sense of good feeling in body and make people active and boost


Exercise is a healthy activity that build and maintain  a strong physical fitness in human body including strengthen of muscles , prevention of different precarious diseases such as high blood pressure , diabetes , heart disease etc . Exercise are classified in two two stages

1 . Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is such type of exercise which involve usage of high amount of oxygen is delivered to

other parts of the body . Aerobic help to prevent body from various diseases such as cancer,depression, osteoporosis etc

  1. Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercise in which person body demanding  high amount of oxygen due to massive burn of  calories in body during exercise like weight lifting , rope jump , hiking in which person moves against the gravity .

Different category of Exercise

  1. Cardio

It is one of the most  popular exercise and have a prominent effect on human body which involve swimming , running , jogging . This exercise keep the heart beat rate between 50% to 70 % which is essential for human health

  1. Sports

There are different sports which keep to sustain physically fresh and active also help to release stress  , depression and anxiety . For instance cricket gymnastic , football swimming ,

4.Healthy Diet

The following diet are very prominent for human body

  1. Milk

Milk is the high nutrition, water protein  and contain 43 % calories and bone calcium which makes bones in strong position

2.Dried fruit

Dried food contain 398 calories with high amount of vitamin A and vitamin B-6 . dried fruit are antioxidant and contain rich amount of fiber . Similarly it also control blood sugar level and keep the reduce the heart disease


Bananas is Anti –diabetic and contain high amount of potassium .it also fight against infection and help to deliver oxygen to brain also reduce risk of stoke .